Highlighters will forever be a staple in my make up bag, regardless of the whether, what time of year, no matter what the occasion. I am a huge highlighter fan, and I seem to have developed quite a few different types from various brands. Here is a collection of my favourite pink highlighters that offer a huge amount of glow, provide the right amount of shimmer, and are great at brightening up my complexion. 

Depending on what I am doing and where I am going, I will try to apply my make up accordingly. For example, for nights out, evenings out, parties and special occasions, I will usually take longer to do my make. I will usually apply it a little heavier and contour and highlight with more effort and exaggeration. That is when these pink-toned liquid highlighters come in handy. I have been a huge lover of Benefit's High Beam for many years, it was actually my first ever Benefit purchase. It is so beautiful on the skin, easily blended and really buildable. Seventeen's Wow 3 Way Highlighter is slightly lighter in consistency but is a beautiful highlighter that really captures and reflects the light.

At times when I am just wanting a little extra glow to my make up or to create a dewy fresh look to my skin, these two liquid highlighters also work really well as a base to wear under foundation or tinted moisturiser. It gently shines through the make up making and creating a subtle glow to the skin which is so lovely during this time of year.

For a quicker more natural highlight I find myself opting for a champagne stick-like highlighter such as the Benefit Whats Up and No.7's Instant Radiance highlighter. These are dead easy to apply as it is as simple as deciding where you want the product to go and dabbing the stick onto that area. Due to the slightly golden tones, these are both more of a day time highlight as they aren't as glowing as High Beam.

What are your favourite pink-y toned highlighters?


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