My love for highlighters continues - join me in reading, The Highlight Edit, Part Two.

In my previous post, The Highlight Edit, Part One, I spoke of my love for pink toned highlighters. Highlighters that have a pink hue to them are great for contouring, providing definition and creating a dewy and glowing effect. I find that those types of highlighters are great for nights out and the winter to spring time of year.

However, I also have a deep love for golden highlighters. I do have a smaller collection compared to my pink toned highlighters, but love these shades nonetheless. When the weather gets a little warmer and the sun decides to show it's face a little more, I will be reaching for the golden highlighters for the day time. I find that during the summer time, or on a summer holiday the golden highlighters offer a lovely warming glow that looks really healthy and summery. 

Benefit's Sun Beam is my absolute go-to during the hight of summer to add a little extra colour and glow to my complexion. It looks great applied underneath foundations and tinted moisturisers, or on top of make up along the cheekbones and on the temples. Seventeen's Instant Glow Bronze Brick is another glowing highlighter that provides colour as well as acting like a highlighter. Due to the colour layering, it is easy to sweep the powder brush along the brick in a sideways motion and apply the product straight onto the cheeks. This provides a light contour effect with the darker shades in the hollows of your cheekbones, and the lighter shades resting at the top. Finally, the Revolution Cheek Pallet, that consists of a matte bronzer, highlighter and blusher, is another summer-time highlighter favourite. The bronzer and highlighter mixed together and applied on the cheeks provides such a lovely warm glow to the complexion, again, with the benefit of also adding colour.

What are your favourite golden highlighters?


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