Although not the most exciting of weeks, I feel as though I have had a happy, refreshing and personal past few days. Here are a few things that have made me happy this past week...
  • The Shoulder, Back and Neck Massage at the Hotel and Spa in Nottingham - Last weekend was spent attending a beautiful and relaxing Hen Party. This hotel-spa was so lovely and I had such a lovely few days getting to know the girls a bit better, chatting and getting excited about the wedding in just a few weeks time. My hour long massage and all over body scrub was pure heaven. I felt so relaxed and calm afterwards, I really want to make this a more regular thing in my life.
  • Watching Wonders Of The Universe on Netflix - I am forever on the hunt for an interesting documentary. I seem to have a rather wide range of  interests when it comes to documentaries, be it based around nature, history, crime or murder, I absolutely love it. This week I stumbled upon this very interesting one all about the universe and time, which has amazing scenery shots and is narrated by the brilliant Brian Cox.
  • Being Pretty Plan Free - Usually it feels as though I have plans made pretty much every weekend and most week nights. After the weekend in Nottingham I was so happy that this week I had made no plans on an evening or for this current weekend. It may sound boring to some, but for me this was pure bliss. I loved coming home, chilling out and sticking to my own schedule rather than rushing here, there and everywhere. 
  • My New Coconut Lane Marble Phone Case - Although I actually bought this a while ago when I had a mini Coconut Lane Haul, I have only just put it on my phone this past week. I think it is so pretty and very 'blogger friendly' with it's on-tread marble effect. 
  • Getting My Teeth Into A New Book - This month's book for my Historical, Cake & Ladies Book Club is Away by Amy Bloom. It is set in the 1920's and begins at Ellis Island in America and is about a young woman trying to escape the tragedies of her old life and start afresh in the USA. Having recently visited Ellis Island as a tourist, this book is reinforcing all of the information that I learnt whilst I was there.
What has made you happy this week?


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