I am currently away on holiday with my family and we have travelled down to Centre Parcs at Longleat. After visiting the safari park on Sunday we then drove to our villa on the Centre parcs complex just around the corner, for a week of pure relaxation. 

Although there are lots of physical and sporting activities to do at Centre Parcs, for this week we have decided to unwind and take things a little slower, enjoying the beautiful weather and getting out of the office for the week. 

Our villa is pretty incredible with it's own games room, complete with a pool table, as well as an outdoor hot tub, sauna and steam room. Along side this, there are also a few other bits and pieces that have allowed me to truly relax and unwind whilst on holiday.


Good beauty products are a way to help me relax whilst I am away. Taking that extra time to really focus on some good skincare and really works at allowing my skin to replenish and have a break from the daily dose of a full face of make up can do wonders. I was thrilled therefore when Arbonne asked if I would like to try their Skincare sample pack of Cleanser, Day Cream and Make Up Primer, and they arrived in perfect time for me to bring them on holiday with me. The day cream is the stand out product for me with its lemon scent and the way that it is so easily absorbed into the skin after application. With added 20 spf, it is a great little product that I would recommend to those who have a slightly oily complexion or combination skin.

Another beauty routine that is just a little thing that that makes a big difference, is painting my nails. Although I like to paint them before going away, after visiting the spa and constantly getting in and out of the hot tub, sauna and steam room, the moisture can cause havoc on your nail polish! So to take the time and re-do my nails, is a great way to have half an hour to take time for myself. I have been applying these Jamberry Nail Wraps to my ring finger once I have finish with my nail polish, which is a great way to add a little extra something to your nails with little to no fuss. They are super easy to apply and look so lovely, especially with the colour of the nail varnish shinning though.


One of my favourite ways to relax, no matter where I am, is to pick up a book and take some time for myself for an hour or so. I have been saving The Career Of Evil, which is the third book in the Cormoran Strike series written by Robert Galbraith. I have read the previous two books on my last two holidays so I though it would be nice to save the latest one for this trip away. It is such a gripping read that I just can put down and it is fantastic at transporting me away, allowing me to truly relax.

As well as reading books, I have also brought with me my Harry Potter colouring book. Adult Colouring books seem to have hit the nation by storm, and most of my friends now have a colouring book of sorts, acting as a relaxing past time. It is so therapeutic and part of me wonders if it is the memories of our childhood that makes it such a relaxing activity as it transports us back to a childlike mindset with little to no worries, completely living in the moment, that make it so relaxing.


Nature has certainly played a part in allowing me to truly relax whilst being away on holiday. We have been really lucky with the weather so far with big spouts of glorious sunshine. I have really enjoyed just sitting outside with my cup of coffee and listening and watching all of the nature around me. We have had ducks, robins and squirrels come to visit us, as well as being surrounded by huge red wood trees and beautiful spring time flowers. It has been lovely to sit outside, especially because I spend most of my days in an office stuck at my desk listening to the whirl of the air conditioning. To have a truly stripped back environment where I can appreciate the sound of the birds is so lovely and relaxing for me.

What little things make a big difference when you are relaxing on holiday?


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