With work, home and social life to fill our every moment, taking time for ourselves to relax is easily over-looked. However, I am a big believer in setting time aside in order to relax and have some down time, without the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Recently I took a trip away with my family to Centre Parcs. It was a beautiful week away that was filled with nature and relaxation. You can have a look and read about my trip here, but we basically spent the time relaxing outdoors, reading our books and enjoying each others company. 

On one of the mornings, my mum and I went to the Aqua Sauna which is a spa complex within Centre Parcs. It was such a beautiful morning and we took our time walking from the lodge to the Spa. We decided not to have any treatments but to just have the spa morning whereby you get to explore the various saunas and steam rooms, pools and showers. We had lunch in their amazing sun room which was a gorgeous Mediterranean tapas with a lovely pot of tea. It was so nice to spend the morning in a very cleansing and refreshing way by clearing our pours and keeping hydrated on endless cups of lemon water. I really felt truly relaxed and even fell asleep for forty minutes at the end!

It was so lovely to have no thoughts other than what I was experiencing in each area of the spa, and to not make any decisions apart from which steam room to head to next. I honestly felt like it was one of those rare times when you can actually live in the moment and appreciate what you are doing at the time of doing it. I feel as though we spend most of our lives thinking and planning ahead or looking at what other people have been doing and enjoying on social media.

I think that it is really important to take some time for yourself which isn't dedicated to your boss, house work or even social expectations. Sometimes it is really important to just say no and enjoy some time to yourself. Whether that is making a really nice coffee and having half an hour with your favourite book, or booking a whole spa day to chill and get some sort of treatment. 

How do you like to take time to relax?


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