I love traveling and going away on holiday and would love to be able to do it a lot more than I do at the moment. One of the best parts about traveling for me is the preparation and planning that goes into it as it really builds up the excitement before going away. If I am thinking of going away anywhere I really enjoy doing a bit of research and try to find a couple of blog posts to try an get a first hand account of the pros and cons of where I am thinking of going. 

Sicily is a place that I would love to travel to as I have heard some pretty incredible things about it. Taormina is a beautiful city in Sicily and I am lucky enough to have Amy Lee on Madolyn Thinks to give her Five Top Tips For Traveling Solo In Taormina!

Taormina is one of the prettiest and busiest spots in Sicily. The city has an incredible view of the ocean and Mt. Etna making is one of the most unique places to visit. If you plan to spend your next holidays for a sun and sea holiday in Sicily, you should definitely consider Taormina that is an ideal and delightful travel destination. Regarding the accommodation, Taormina is full of beautiful houses located in the centre of the city or near the beach. Many local online resources like WishSicily provide charming villas in Taormina for rent to make your stay more pleasant and comfortable. 

Castelmola is a little village above Taormina and has some of the most incredible views of the beaches and the volcano. It is only a short taxi or bus ride up the mountain or you can take the adventurous route and hike! In the village there are the pretty remains of a castle and a beautiful church.

The most popular tourist spot, and for good reason, is the Greek amphitheater in Taormina. The site is perched on a hill overlooking the sea and has a direct view of Mt. Etna. The theatre is remarkably preserved and has concerts held in it to this day. If you are lucky you can see a show there for an unforgettable experience. 

Isola Bella is another great place to see on a solo trip. The small island in the bay below the city is connected to the mainland by a small path and has incredible beach to take a nice swim. To get here take the cable car down from the city and then it is only a short walk to the beach.

The Alcantara Gorge is another great excursion from Taormina. It is a 40 minute bus ride from the city and is a great day trip to take. The gorge is a beautiful natural formation made from the lava flow from Mt. Etna. There are amazing columns of cooled lava and a river flowing through them. It is truly a natural wonder of Sicily.

Mt. Etna is always looming over the city and is a great place to take a tour. There are numerous hiking trails on and around the volcano and sometimes you can even see an eruption! 

Thank you so much again to Amy Lee for writing this article and providing such an insight into traveling solon in Taormina.

Have you ever been to Taormina?
Would you ever go traveling solo?


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