If you haven't already been able to tell by my Instagram account, I have recently just got back from the T IN The Park festival at Strathallan Castle. The boy and I had a great time watching the bands and enjoying the music, despite the constant rain on Saturday and Sunday. Now that I am back at home and getting back to normal day life, I have had time to reflect on my time at the festival and thought that I would write a little survival guide of my festival top tips.

I have been to a lot of different music festivals and each time I seem to learn or think of a new ways to improve my next experience. Here are a few that I learned at my time at T In The Park;

  1.  Check The Line Up: This is usually announced before hand which allows you to make a rough plan of the bands you want to see in advance to avoid disappointment. 
  2. Take A Poncho No Matter What: It rained so hard at T In The Park that even my waterproofs didn't hold - I don't know what I would have done without my trusty poncho!
  3. Comfortable Footwear Is Key: I wore my Heeled Hunters Wellies on the first day and after being stood in them all day my feet couldn't take another two. Luckily I brought another pair although these ended up getting a hole in them so had to buy another pair on Sunday morning!! My advice - make sure your feet are comfortable as you will be stood up most of the time.
  4. Eat A Hearty Breakfast: We were lucky in that we chose to stay in a hotel so we were able to have a proper breakfast everyday, but it meant that we didn't get hungry until 6ish and so  it saved us money on having to buy food constantly.
  5. Take Something To Sit On: on the first day, even though it was really sunny, the ground was quite wet and so it would have been handy to have something waterproof to sit on. The next day we had our ponchos on sit on which was a lot nicer - especially because the ground was a lot wetter!
  6. Keep Tissues To Hand: Although the loo roles get topped up on a morning, by early evening it has often run out. I kept a packet of tissues in my bag to ensure that I was never caught short.
  7. Take A Portable Charger: This was the best idea by far as it kept our phones topped up well into the evening so we didn't have to worry about battery life.
  8. Wear Lots Of Layers: The weather was so temperamental at T In The Park and so I made sure that I had lots of layers so that I could strip off during the day yet wrap up and stay warm once the sun went down. 

What are your festival survival top tips?


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