Festival season is well and truly here. I always think of Glastonbury as being the first official festival and with that now over, I am really looking forward to our drive up to Scotland to go to T In The Park this weekend!! If you've been reading my blog or following me on Twitter or Instagram, then I'm sure that you'll already know that I am super excited to be going!

I thought that I would write a Festival Essentials check list to ensure that you don't forget the key necessities that you need for a festival weekend.
  1. Hunters Wellies - an absolute must in terms of footwear, see my post all about my new marble heeled ones here.
  2. Hand Sanitiser - For minging toilet trips and all round nastiness that goes hand in hand with a festival. My favourite is this lovely smelling one from Soap & Glory.
  3. Camera - for those all important outfit shots, short bursts of film and festival moments. I will be taking my beautiful Olympus Pen with me.
  4. Portable Charger - I got mine from Ebay for about £1.99 and it is great to give some extra juice to your phone after all that snap-chatting - I'm at madolyn19 if you want to follow along.
  5. Checked Flannel Shirt - The most universal piece of clothing at a festival. It can be used as a cardi, a shirt and a nifty little blanket for when you park your bum on the grass. 
  6. Sunglasses - Although we long for sunshine at a festival, even if it is raining, being outside all day can mean that you may still need sunnies even if its cloudy.
  7. Cash - It may feel uncomfortable carrying cash but most of the food and drink stalls will only take card if it is over a certain amount, if at all. Always best to carry some around with you.
  8. Bumbag/Backpack - It's best to take a bag to carry waterproofs, a scarf, a hat and jumper to save you constantly having to go back to the campsite to get changed.

What are your festival essentials?


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