Having thick, dark hair can have it's pros and cons. I love the hair on my head and I have pretty full brows that don't need much attention, but when it comes to hair removal, it can be pretty annoying. I feel as though unwanted hair is a bit of an embarrassing subject to talk about, even though we all do it. Whether its shaving, waxing, epilating or using hair removal cream we all have our own preferred methods of removing unwanted hair.  

Personally, I have always struggled with removing hair effectively and because mine is so dark and thick and I have fairly pale skin, it can be quite high maintenance. When I attended the #BloggersBall at the beginning of June I was introduced to SmoothSkin and their IPL hair removal devices*. A competition was held and I was one of the lucky winners that was sent a device of my own to try.

Smooth Skin have provided a timeline that explains how your treatment should work during the twelve week process. The idea is that you  use the device once a week for twelve weeks and then once a month to keep the hair growth at bay and consistent.

Week 1

Welcome to the world of smooth skin gold. Take your first steps by shaving your desired area and exfoliating for a smooth finish. Take your time to learn about the device and to practice with a patch test before hand.

Week 2

you should hopefully be more familiar with your gold smooth skin device and how it works. We recommend moisturising the skin daily to keep it hydrated.

Week 5

You should have seen a reduction in hair growth but if you havent seen any results yet, don't worry, this doesn't mean that it's not working! Keep pushing through with weekly treatments - remember not to wax, epilate or pluck the hair as this will remove the hair shaft that absorbs the light energy during treatment.

Week 8

You are well on your way to silky smooth skin! You may start to notice some bald patches on the areas you are treating and your hair may also be growing back slower than normal. If you were going to the salon you would have had only two treatments so far.

Week 12

you should now notice permanent hair reduction on the areas you have been treating.

I was so excited to try the SmoothSkin treatment*. I am now on week two so I have not seen any visible change to my re-growth but I can't wait for the results to start to show. I love how fast and easy it is so use and it takes hardly any time at all. It leaves quite a warm sensation but nothing too uncomfortable, it is less painful than waxing and epilating!! It all packs away nice and tidy and it completely fuss free as a once-a-week treatment. I will be sure to write another post at the end of my twelve week process and let you know how I got on!

What is your preferred method of hair removal?
Would you ever use a IPL removal device?
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