When I was a young teenager my go to fragrance was So...? Kiss Me. After years if being able to afford more expensive perfumes I have never really looked back until I crossed paths with them again at the #BloggersBall hosted by Scarlett London a few weeks ago. 

It has been so nice to go back to basics with this So...? Fragrance collection* which includes a mixture of eau de toilettes and body sprays. I have always associated So...? as being a brand that has a younger audience in mind. However I think that this might just be because I used it's products when I was a young teenager. After being reintroduced to the brand however, I have changed my ideas about the fragrances. 

Although some of the products, such as So...? Kiss Me, have the same packaging as they did when I was fourteen, some of the newer releases have an updated, more sophisticated branding, such as So...? Rio. However, all of the scents are extremely universal and not at all exclusive to younger girls. The fragrances are quite sweet and flowery which may not always be everyone's cup of tea, however as an everyday, cheaper alternative to a more sophisticated expensive scent, I think that they are great. 

What are your favourite So...? products?


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