I love shopping for seasonal staples. I think that there is something really lovely about buying a new bag or pair of shoes at the start of the season that you know will go with everything and carry you through, at least until the start of the next season. 

For me, 1st September was a signal that Summer was drawing to a close and it was time to start getting ready for Autumn. Although the weather currently may disagree - I can't get over these odd boiling hot days! So when I have been perusing the shops on my lunch breaks I have been avoiding the summer garments and have been looking ahead towards items that will be perfect for Autumn.

I instantly fell in love with this beautiful, floral rain jacket from Zara. This piece was actually in the sale for the bargain price of £12.99, down from £29.99, which is still a steal in my eyes. Due to it being in the sale I think that this must have been designed as a summer jacket, however, the colour scheme to me suggests otherwise. The green and brown tones of the jacket shout Autumn to me and I think that it will be a perfect companion for the majority of my Autumnal wardrobe. 

This jacket is perfectly light-weight and thin which is amazing for Autumn as I will be able to layer up really easily for those unpredictable chilling mornings. With Autumn also comes wind and showers so this little rain-proof jacket will be perfect for when I need to nip into town or go out on my lunch break as I can pop this on knowing that I am prepared for whatever the Autumn weather wishes to throw at me. 

I think that it is a beautiful fit as it cuts off just below my hips so I feel covered but it doesn't drown me. Being on the shorter side can sometimes mean that coats and jackets don't fit very well and I often feel like a little kid wearing a coat that I 'will grow into'. I love this little number however and find it very flattering for my height. I am sure that I will be wearing this continuously over the next few months before we head into winter and I can start to wear a big warm coat.

What Autumn staples have you bought?
Did you pick anything up in the Zara Sale?


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