Hair removal is one of those subjects that we all seem to avoid talking about, yet we all do it on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, depending on your chosen method and how much hair you have. Personally, I have very dark, thick hair and so I perhaps need to focus on hair removal a little more than others, none-the-less, I still feel as though it is a topic that is heavily neglected. 

I wrote a post not too long ago about using the SmoothSkin IPL device*. It is a twelve week, at home program in which you use the Intense Pulsed Light device once a week on freshly shaved areas which targets the hair at it's root, preventing it from growing. It is a completely harmless process and after twelve weeks I should be able to use it just once a month to keep my hair at bay. So far, I am on week eight and the results are amazing. I still need to shave in between uses but the hair is a lot more sparse and grows much slower.

Before I begin my SmoothSkin IPL weekly treatments however, I need to shave, which is where Friction Free Shaving comes in. I think that we are all guilty of buying a razor and using the head for way longer than we should. It's hard because razors are so bloomin' expensive to buy in shops, I know I always want to feel as though I've got my money's worth. However, using razor heads longer than you should can result it bacteria growth, using blunt blades and not actually getting as close a shave as we should. 

Friction Free Shaving* is the Uk's top razor subscription service. They believe that women should be able to have an affordable option to shave with as little fuss as possible. They have three razors on offer which start from just £3 a month with free p&p on all products. With each monthly delivery you will receive a razor handle and four razor heads, a fresh head for each week in the month ahead. It is a brilliant way of keeping you on track, ensuring that you are having fresh razors ever month and will ultimately be friction free.

Not only is it important to look after ourselves when using hair removal options, I think it is equally important to use high quality aftercare products too. I have recently been introduced to AloeClear, a brilliant soothing and cooling formula that decreases the irritation caused by shaving, and limits imperfections and issues caused by in-grown hairs. They offer a range of products for both women and men, all with the idea of preventing in-grown hairs and leaving the skin feeling fresh and moisturised. 

I love the roll-on application as it makes the product so easy to apply on any part of the body. I have loved using the Aloeclear 60ml* as it is so easy to take anywhere and is the perfect size to fit in my wash bag. I have also been using the Aloeclear Bikini Saver 10ml* which looks in size, very similar to a lip balm. This is great for the bikini area as the head is perfectly small and evenly applies the product on the desired area. It can also be used if you thread or wax your eyebrows as a cooling method to reduce redness. It is such an affordable range and I would recommend it to anyone as a hair removal aftercare treatment.

What are your hair removal methods?
Do you use any hair removal aftercare?


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*This post was written using items gifted to me from Aloeclear and Friction Free Shaving