Cleansers are one of the most important parts of a skincare routine. Although I love to moisturise and use face masks, they become almost redundant if you don't use a suitable and beneficial cleanser first. I feel as though using a good cleanser is the first stage in looking after my skin, ensuring that all make up and impurities have been removed before continuing with all other aspects of a good skincare routine. I have picked out my top three cleansers, all of which I use on a regular basis for a number of different reasons. 

To me, Oskia is quite a luxurious brand that is quite expensive. It is for this reason that I use their Renaissance Cleansing Gel as a bit of a treat either before a night out, when I'm having a pamper session or if my skin is feeling particularly dull. It is £29.50 a bottle so it definitely isn't the cheapest of cleansers on offer, however I have found it to be one of the most effective. I feel as though I am having a spa treatment at home when I use the product as it is so soft and nourishing on the skin and smells amazing. It is a gel like formula that you apply onto the skin and gently rub in until it becomes an oil. The oil then lifts all make up and cleanses the skin leaving it feeling amazingly soft and nourished. 

This Cleansing Milk by Clarins is the latest addition to my skincare collection and it has also become one of my go-to products. It is such a light lotion yet it easily lifts and wipes away make up without having to scrub my face clean. This cleanser is a little more middle of the line in terms of price at £19.50 for 200ml. Although this may seem a little expensive, it is a relatively large bottle of product and only a small amount is needed to cleanse my entire face. I have really enjoyed using this as a daily cleanser and because it is targeted for oily and combination skin, my completion has improved since I have been using it. 

I always like to have a cheaper, all be it still beneficial, cleanser to hand. This Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream is one of my favourites at £3.99 a bottle. It is ideal for a quick cleanse, perhaps for those no-make up days or when I am taking off my day make up to re-apply my night out make up. Sometimes I don't want to feel as though I am wasting a more expensive product but I still want to feel as though I am using a product that will be good for my skin. The Botanics range at Boots is ideal for this as it is extremely affordable, but completely natural and gentle on the skin. 

What are your go to cleansers?
Do you have multiple cleansers within your routine?


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