Recently I have been trying to put a little more effort into my daily skincare routine. I wrote a post not too long ago about The Importance Of Cleansers and my top three picks. As much as I love using a good cleanser to take off my make up at the end of the day, I always follow by using a toner to ensure that all of the cleansing product and remaining make up is taken off too. I think that it is such an important step when it comes to skin care, and a great way to fully prep my skin before applying any sort of moisturiser. Like my cleansers, I have a couple of different toners that I like to use, depending on when I use them.

I got this toner as part of a Nars skin care set a while ago. This toner feels really light and refreshing on the skin. I like to use this product if I have used a more luxurious cleanser, such as the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. The combination of these two skincare picks is very spa like and makes me feel as though I have had a bit of a facial. I like to use these two products to take off my make up in preparation for a pamper night when I have the time to enjoy my skin care, followed by a little Multi-Masking

I bought this Clarins Exfoliating Toner a few weeks ago at a Boots Beauty Event along with a Cleansing Milk of theirs. This is a brilliant toner if you need a little exfoliation on your skin but don't have the time to have a long, drawn out, skincare session. It combines two steps into one, toning your skin and getting rid of any remains of make up, as well as exfoliation the face. The fruit acids within the product gently breakdown impurities an get rid of dullness which leaves the skin feeling smooth and bright. I like to use this toner a couple of times a week to keep my skin feeling bright and fresh. 

This toner from No7 is my daily, go-to toner. This is such an easy product to use that gently, yet effectively, lifts any remaining cleanser and make up from the skin. I love that it is soft on the skin and I feel so clean after using it. Sometimes I like to use it on a morning, once I've gotten out of the shower, to ensure that my skin is completely clean before applying my daily moisturiser.

Do you use toners in your daily routine?
Which are your favourite toners?


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