I have been trying my hardest to set time aside everyday to read. I set myself a goal at the beginning of the year to read more as it is a huge love of mine, but I always felt as though I had no time. I few weeks ago I published a Holiday Reading List as so here I am, writing mini-reviews of a few books that I have recently read. 

The Blurb: 19 year-old Chani lives in the ultra-orthodox Jewish community of North West London. She has never had physical contact with a man, but is bound to marry a stranger. The rabbi's wife teaches her what it means to be a Jewish wife, but Rivka has her own questions to answer. Soon buried secrets, fear and sexual desire bubble to the surface in a story of liberation and choice; not to mention what happens on the wedding night 

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a little different to what I am used to however I found it interesting and liked how much of insight it provided into an orthodox Jewish way of life. The book consisted of two parallel stories, one of a young woman and the build up to her wedding day, and one of a married mother of three looking back on her marriage and the different life choices she had made for her husband. It showed the difficulties and different choices that each of the characters had to make in order to live in modern day society without compromising their religious beliefs.  

The Blurb: We've all seen him: the man - the monster - staring from the front page of every newspaper, accused of a terrible crime. But what about her: the woman who grips his arm on the courtroom stairs - the wife who stands by him? Jean Taylor's life was blissfully ordinary. Nice house, nice husband. Glen was all she'd ever wanted: her Prince Charming. Until he became that man accused, that monster on the front page. Jean was married to a man everyone thought capable of unimaginable evil. But now Glen is dead and she's alone for the first time, free to tell her story on her own terms. Jean Taylor is going to tell us what she knows.

My Thoughts: I love a good 'who done it' crime fiction novel. The Widow was a really interesting read as it focused solely on the aftermath of a crime and it was mostly written from the point of view of the woman married to the person accused of the crime. It was a gripping read and an absolute page turner that meant that it was difficult to put down. Each chapter was written from the point of view of the Widow, the Detective or the Reporter of the case which kept the story very fresh and kept you wanting more.  

The Blurb: Detective Harry Hole is meant to keep out of trouble. A young Norwegian girl taking a gap year in Sydney has been murdered, and Harry has been sent to Australia to assist in any way he can. HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO GET TOO INVOLVED. When the team unearths a string of unsolved murders and disappearances, nothing will stop Harry from finding out the truth. The hunt for a serial killer is on, but the murderer will talk only to Harry. HE MIGHT JUST BE THE NEXT VICTIM.

My Thoughts: Another crime novel which was recommenced to me by my dad. Jo Nesbo is a Norwegian writer and the main character in his series of novels is Harry Hole, a detective inspector. This is soon to become a film and I think that it will be brilliant if the book is anything to go by. It is a really fast paced story with lots of characters and tones of twists and turns throughout. I'm looking forward to reading the next one in the series as I really enjoyed Nesbo's writing style and the structure of the story. 

What have you been reading lately?
Is there any books that you would recommend?


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