Bratislava was a lovely and beautiful city to visit for a long weekend away but it was pretty darn cold whilst we were there. Although I had gone clothes shopping in preparation for my trip in the cold, have a watch of my Slovakia Clothes Haul, throughout our stay we had a fair few coffee stops to thaw out and re-energise. I have put this post together to show you some of the best cafes that Bratislava has to offer.

Urban Bistro

This was a café situated in the very heart of Bratislava and we decided to stop here for a light brunch and a quick coffee. It had amazing décor and I came away with a lot of inspiration for my home. It had lovely dark wooden surfaces with exposed brick walls and amazing white tiles. It had a very relaxed feel, great service and lovely food. It was perfect for what we wanted which was a light bite. I opted for avocado on toast and a filter coffee. It was so reasonably priced and cost us just over 10 Euros for the entire bill.

Five Pints

Five Pints is a coffee and wine bar that had plush seats and wooden tables in an intimate setting. The lighting was beautiful with lots of exposed filament light bulbs and candles on every table. We stopped here for a quick coffee before our walk back to the apartment and I couldn’t resist the beautiful chocolate tarte on display. It was another very reasonably priced place costing me 5 Euros for a café late and the tarte. 

Café Dias

I loved popping into this café which was situated within a book store. It was filled with lots of dark furniture and had a very warm and cosy feel to it. They had a very minimal menu available which suited us just fine as we only wanted something small for breakfast. I had a beautiful café latte and a croissant with jam to jet set our third day of exploration. 

UFO Tower restaurant

This was a beautiful restaurant located at the top of the UFO tower just below the observation deck. There was the option to stay for a drink or to have a meal in the restaurant. As we had already eaten we opted to stay for a drink to enjoy the incredible view of Bratislava a little longer. It was the first and only place in the whole of Bratislava that sold black tea, although it was served with honey and lemon… But we honestly couldn’t find any anywhere! This placed had a very minimalistic feel to it with monochrome furniture. 

Coffee Break

This cute little café was located right underneath the apartment we were staying in. It was really nice and bright with pretty décor that felt very homely. The menu was on a chalkboard and although fairly minimal, it was perfect for us. We decided to stay for lunch and I opted for a goat cheese and beetroot sandwich. It was so reasonably priced with us each having a sandwich, two coffees and then shared a cheese cake, the grand total was only 15 Euros! 

Have you ever been to Bratislava?
Do you like to visit little coffee houses when you're enjoying a city break?


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