Having my own house can have its pros and cons. I love having my own space, I can decorate how I like, do anything I want and ultimately make my own rules. The down side is looking after everything and keeping organised. I am a very sentimental person that also finds it hard to say no. This combination leads to a cluttered home with lots of things that I don’t necessarily need, want or like. 

I am not sure if it is the change in season, my age or something else but I feel as though I have reached a tilting point and I want to become organised and take a much more minimalist approach to life. My goal is to incorporate this way of thinking into all aspects of my life but ya know, baby steps and all that. So I have decided that one area that I know I can work on, improve, clear out and organise is my wardrobe and so I intend to tackle this issue in order to make tracks to begin a minimalist lifestyle. 

My Current Wardrobe Situation

Currently my wardrobe is a mass of miss matched clothes that have no particular order or organisation. My clothes occupy half (okay, maybe a little more than half) of the wardrobe I share with James. This is a mixture of dresses, workwear and ‘nice’ tops. I have also taken over three of the four draws of our chest of draws. One is for tops, one is for bottoms and one is for jumpers. 

I am well aware that I have too many clothes and I would guess that I only wear a third of them anyway. I think that if I were to sort out my wardrobe, condense it and get rid of anything that I do not need or what, it will become easier to promote this way of thinking into other aspects of my life.  

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?

In essence the idea of a capsule wardrobe is one filled with a very reduced number of items, each of which can be worn with most if not all other items. It is meant to be a wardrobe made up of clothes that fit you, you feel comfortable in, are universal and most importantly, that you wear.

I have read many things about capsule wardrobes and always assumed that it would be something that I would never be able to achieve. I thought that it would mean that I would be wearing the same outfits all of the time and that I wouldn’t be happy with the lack of variation. 

It wasn’t until I started reading more about The Anna Edit’s journey of creating and maintaining a capsule wardrobe that it crossed my mind that it may in fact be a way of living that I could in fact achieve. 

Initial Stages & Planning

More often than not, when I have a clear out I am not very truthful with myself and say that I will wear something and don’t or convince myself that if I lose weight or change myself I will fit into said item. My other downfall is clinging onto items of clothing for sentimental reasons which is daft when I think about it. I feel therefore that I need to approach this clear out differently, with a new outlook. 

First and foremost, I am going to put out all of my clothes from both my wardrobe and my chest of draws. I am then going to try every item of clothing on. I want to then sort my clothes into a couple of different piles; 

1. It fits, I love it and wear it all of the time
2. It doesn’t fit/it’s old – put it in a charity bag
3. It’s in really nice condition but doesn’t fit/I don’t wear it – bag for friends and family

Once my clothes have been sorted into the piles above I will then begin to fill in my ‘Capsule Wardrobe Planner’ that I got from UnFancy, a minimalist fashion blog. It is a really cool planner that helps to break down everything from what you want your fashion goals to be; to a shopping list of items you need to complete your capsule wardrobe.

Future Aims & Goals

I am really excited to get started and organise my wardrobe and begin my journey to achieving a minimalist capsule wardrobe. I want to get this done before Christmas in preparation of the New Year so that I can begin 2017 with a focus and a head start on minimalizing my home and my life. I can’t wait to get started and I will be sure to blog my progress.

What are your thoughts about a capsule wardrobe?
Do you have any tips for me?