I am currently enjoying the first day of my trip to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. I knew that this was going to be a fairly chilly trip and so I tried to pack accordingly with lots of layers, warm woolly jumpers, hats and scarves. However, I not only wanted to be prepped fashion-wise, I also wanted to make sure that my beauty products were able to help protect me from the colder weather.

Skincare picks For Cold Weather

In colder weather I always find that my skin craves moisture. Due to us heading over to Slovakia this weekend I have decided to take some really hydrating skincare products with me, or order to keep my skin feeling plumed and to hopefully prevent it from drying out. The Benefit B.Right Instant Comeback Serum is a beautiful skincare product that really hydrates the skin. It works really well when applied to cleansed skin before moisturiser. I find that on a daily basis this can be a little rich for my skin-type as I am prone to become a little oily. However, for this trip I will take it away with me to use as a moisture boost during the colder weather. 

I will also take The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector away with me to help protect my hands from the cold. As well as drying out my skin, the cold also plays havoc with my hands leaving the backs of them feeling really dry, even whilst wearing gloves. I love this Hemp cream as it soaks into the skin so quickly and doesn’t leave that slimy after feeling for hours after it has been applied.

Make Up Picks For Cold Weather

As well as picking out a few skincare products to prepare myself for a weekend in the cold, I have also picked out a few make up pieces to take along with me. As much as my face and hands seem to become deprived of moisture during the colder weather, my lips also really suffer. I tend to get fairly dry lips in any case and so I will be sure to have my Benefit PosieBalm one me at all times which is a ultra-hydrating lip balm that will provide instant hydration to my lips. 

I have also packed my No.7 Intense Volume Waterproof Mascara. I’m not usually one to wear waterproof mascara but because I know that the weather is going to be rather chilly, I am pre-empting some strong winds that are a sure fire way to get my eye streaming. In order to prevent myself from looking like a Halloween project gone wrong I thought it would be best to prepare myself and pack some waterproof mascara. The last make up product to help prep me for a weekend in the cold is the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer to keep my eyes looking fresh and to hide my cold red nose.

What beauty products would you pack for a weekend in the cold?


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