I thought that it would be fun to do a slightly different video today. I love watching Tag videos as I find it really fun to learn more about the blogger/YouTuber behind the lens. Everyone who knows me is aware of what a huge Harry Potter fan I am. I grew up with Harry Potter and each year the books and films were released I was around the same age as the characters which made it even more magical. 

I hope you enjoy watching this slightly chattier video from me and if you wanted to answer the questions yourself here are the ones that I used;

1. What is your favourite book?
2. What is your favourite movie?
3. Which is your least favourite book?
4. Which parts of the books/movies made you cry?
5. If you could ‘hook up’ with any of the characters who would it be?
6. Which is your favourite character?
7. What would your Protonus be?
8. Would you rather have the Elder Want, the Invisibility Cloak or the Resurrection Stone?
9. Which House would you belong to?
10. If you could meet a member of the cast who would it be?
11. Have you played any of the video games?
12. Which Quiddich position would you play?
13. Were you happy with the ending?
14. How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

Are you a Harry Potter Fan?
Let me know if you have done this tag and please leave links below – I would love to see them!


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