I am so excited to be flying to Slovakia on Thursday for a long weekend in Bratislava with James. We decided a few weeks ago that we wanted a weekend getaway before the chaos of Christmas and we were planning on having a city break somewhere in the UK. However, after a quick look on Sky Scanner we found that flights to Slovakia were stupidly cheap and before we knew it we had booked a cute little flat on Air B&B and filled in our passport details!

We are flying from Leeds Bradford Airport and with it being a quick two and a half hours’ flight we’ll be up and down before we know it. I still want to make sure that I have my few on flight essentials with me though to make my time of the plane a little more enjoyable.


I carry books around with me all of the time anyway, but I will definitely make sure that I pack my Kindle and a note pad and pen in my hand luggage to take on the plane with me. As much as I love to read physical books, my Kindle is really handy for traveling around as I can store so many books in one place. I have a Phillipa Gregory book on there that I would like to finish, as well as the rest of a Harry Hole novel that I have been reading. I picked up this cute little Manhattan note book when I travelled to New York last September. I have decided to take this away with me on my trips so that I can write down ideas for potential blog posts and make notes during my time away.


I find flights in general quite uncomfortable. I don’t like the seats, the lighting can be very harsh, they are usually quite cold and don’t get me started on those bloody seat belts. With this in mind, I like to make sure that I take a few things away with me so that I feel a little more comfortable whilst on a flight. Fluffy socks and a warm woolly jumper are must-haves for me to keep me warm and make me feel cosy whilst being up in air. I also like to take headphones away with me so that I can zone out, close my eyes and relax if I start to get a little anxious as I am not the most confident of flyers. 


As much as I want to be comfortable on a flight I also want to make sure that I am feeling fresh. Sometimes I find that airplanes can be really stuffy and warm which obviously isn't helped by the fact that there is no fresh air. The air-con increases the problem as it is constantly recycled air so I like to make sure that I have a few things in my hand luggage to make me feel a little fresher. Chewing gum, to get rid of that fury feeling, and although it isn’t as good as being able to brush my teeth it is the next best thing. I also always make sure that I have tissues and hand sanitiser because you never know what sort of germs are lurking on a plane. I love this one from Soap & Glory as it cleans my hands and leaves them smelling amazing. 

What are your on flight essentials?


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