I don’t often talk about my love of music here on Madolyn Thinks. I have shared a couple of Photo Diaries from Keswick Mountain Festival, CarFest and T in The Park as well as a mini vlog of T in The Park over on my YouTube channel. Yet I feel as though this has only scratched the surface as I am a huge lover of music and living with a musician means that there is little escape! Both James and I love going to watch live music, but mostly life gets in the way and so we don’t get to go as often as we would like. Lately however, we have made much more of a conscious effort to see more bands and feed our appetite for live music.

The Positives

This past week alone we have been to three separate gigs, one over in Manchester and two in York to see Birdy and Evelate’s album launch. When we get back from our long weekend away in Slovakia we are also going to Leeds to see one of our favourite bands at the minute, Walking On Cars.

We went to the Albert Hall in Manchester at the weekend to see Bear's Den, and this was a beautiful venue with a tier of step-like seats that meant the sound was great and I could actually watch the gig. I love listening to music at home and in the car, but there is something much more special about watching musicians perform their music live. I find it so uplifting and feel really inspired after watching live music due to the creativity and talent involved.

The Negatives

There are downsides to live gigs, the main one being that the majority of the venues are standing only which is an issue for my 5ft 1ich self. Often it can be quite frustrating that I can’t see very much and it doesn’t help that my companion is often a 6ft 4inch man, so working out where to stand can be a bit of a pain.

Another downside to live music is the cost. Local acts and bands in small venues are usually fairly reasonable, and I often prefer to go to these sort of gigs as they are a bit more intimate and I can often get a good view. However, watching bigger bands in bigger venues can be pretty pricey, especially if you are having to travel to a different city to see them. I fully appreciate that bands need money to fund their tours ect, but I sometimes feel as though a £50 price tag on a music concert can really put me off going, even if it is a band or an act that I would really like to see. 

I think it is really important to support bands and musicians by going to their gigs and supporting them whilst they perform. They work so hard to achieve success and often they have had years of effort to get to the point in which they are performing. 

Do you enjoy watching live music?
What are your pros and cons about going to watch live music?


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