I love to scroll through Pinterest but I get such nail inspo envy looking at everyone’s pretty and polished talons that look immaculate. I can just never seem to get my nails to look like this. They don’t like to grow past a certain length, I can never seem to shape them in a very flattering way, and even if I manage this, they feel weak and can split fairly easily. Don’t even get me started on colour!! I love to paint my nails but no matter how much base coat and top coat I apply – I can guarantee that at least one will have chipped before the end of the day!

I know that acrylics are not healthy for my nails, I know that gel polish is a lot better, but I love my nails after I have had them done at a salon and I think they look so pretty. I feel really feminine when acrylics have been applied which have been perfectly shaped, topped with a lovely seasonal colour. I also love that once they’re done I don’t have to worry about them. No more last minute filing, or a quick top up of colour before rushing out of the house. I feel prepped and ready to go with a fresh set of new nails.  

James got me a voucher for my birthday to go and get my nails done so I decided to pop to my local salon this weekend as a little pick-me-up. I opted for a natural rounded tip and decided on a deep shade of red for the festive season. It is my work's Christmas party on Friday so I thought it would be nice to get my nails sorted in preparation for that.

Do you like to get your nails done at a salon?
Do you like acrylics or gel polish?


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