I have just got back from an amazing trip to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. James and I decided that we wanted to have a long weekend together before the hustle and bustle of Christmas. After a quick browse on SkySkanner we decided to head over to eastern Europe and explore the city of Bratislava.

I have so much great footage that I am planning on editing this weekend that includes two vlogs, the must have places to visit and my top five places to eat. I am so excited to share my weekend here on Madolyn Thinks and over on my YouTube channel, but for now I thought it may be useful for me to share what I packed for a long weekend in the cold. 

I always struggle to know what to pack for any type of holiday but I found this one particularly tricky as we only had hand luggage but we needed to make sure that we had packed enough clothes to keep us warm whilst roaming the streets of Bratislava. After much careful consideration and forward planning, I managed to pack the perfect amount of clothing that kept me in check and prepared for my trip.

Two Pairs of Jeans

I decided to pack one pair of black jeans and one pair of blue jeans. With us only being away for four days I thought that two pairs of jeans would be more than sufficient, and by having two different colours, it helped to switch up my outfits a little more.

Four Jumpers

Due to the cold weather, I decided that my choice of outfit would be a pair of jeans and a jumper. Therefore, I packed a different jumper to wear each day. It meant that I was changing up my outfits, left me feeling fresh, and I still felt like I had a choice of outfit for each day, all be it a very minimal one.

Six Tops

Although I was only away for four days, I wasn't one hundred per cent sure what our plans were for each day. I thought that six was a good number of tops and I broke it down into; a few t-shirts, two long sleeved tops and one nice top incase we ended up going out for dinner or for drinks on an evening.

Six Pairs of Pants and Socks

My mum has always drilled it into me that you never know what might happen so make sure that you pack extra underwear. I am still yet to discover what might happen if I didn't pack extra but even now I always ensure that I have extra should I need it. I guess you could think of it as one pair for each day and extras if you fancy a quick change once you get back to the hotel/flat.

One Coat

I knew that this long weekend in Bratislava was going to be a cold one, so there was no doubt in my mind that I would need a big, warm, waterproof coat to take away with me. If you are unsure about the weather you could always take another jacket but personally I prefer to just take one with me that ticks all of the boxes. 

Two Pairs of Shoes 

I bought the most boring yet practical, plain yet comfy pair of boots from ASDA before going away to Bratislava and they were one the best purchases I have made all year. For a long weekend in the cold I would always recommend a nice pair of boots that are easy to wear, go with everything, are weather proof and that you are happy to keep on your feet all day. I also took with me my Vans just incase I wanted some added comfort or a change of shoe.

Other Bits & Bobs 

Other things that I would also recommend packing for a long weekend away in the cold are a hat, a scarf, a pair of gloves and some cosy ear muffs, all in order to keep you feeling toasty warm in a slightly cooler climate.


Due to us staying in an Air B&B apartment I also packed some comfy lounge wear to put on after a long day of exploring and sight-seeing. My added extras were a pair of joggers, some fluffy socks and a nice over-sized hoody to chill out in at the apartment on an evening.

What would you pack for a long weekend in the cold?


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