I love getting crafty and making things around this time of year, however it can sometimes feel as though I run out of time and don’t always get to achieve what I want to. It was really nice to be able to set some time aside to create some homemade decorations, and even though wrapping can feel like a bit of a bore, when it is all done there is a huge sense of achievement when you can see a pile of wrapped presents. 

Wreath & Floral Craft

If you watched my Vlogmas Day Seventeen video, then you will have seen that I spent a lovely afternoon with my Mum and James’ Mum getting crafty. We went into my Mum’s garden that is filled with tones of beautiful greenery, and got some bits of yew, ivy and two types of holly, to make some lovely Christmas wreaths and mantel piece decorations. 

I was so happy with the end result and we all had a lovely afternoon with sausage rolls and copious amounts of cups of tea! I made the base of the wreath with yew and layered on some pieces of ivy and the odd piece of holly. I then wired on a few sliver pieces of Pot Pori that I got in a set from M&S. Our colour theme for Christmas is silver this year and so I thought it would look nice if I incorporated this into my wreath a little bit.

For the mantel piece decoration, I again started with a base of yew and used some of the softer and lighter pieces of holly to build up some structure. I secured a few more of the sliver pieces of the Pot Pori onto the garland with a hot glue gun. I think that having these two pieces of greenery really add to the festive feel of the house and make it seem a little more Christmas-y.

Wrapping Christmas Presents 

I wrapped a few of my Christmas presents last week but on Sunday, James and I put on a Christmas film, lit some candles, made some hot chocolate and wrapped all of our Christmas presents, see it all on my Vlogmas Day Eighteen video. It was a lovely and relaxing way to spend the Sunday afternoon before Christmas. We have a bit of a manic week on the build up to Christmas and I don’t think that we’ll have much opportunity to spend quality time together, so it was lovely to sit together, feeling festive, in the calm before the storm. 

I was planning to be a bit more adventurous this year when it came to wrapping my Christmas presents. I had wanted to decorate my own paper, and get all ‘arts and crafts’ with accessories, bows and ribbons. However, I decided to down play the whole ‘fancy wrapping’ concept with the idea that people just rip off the wrapping paper and are only bothered about what’s underneath anyway. 

I bought some paper from Ikea last year which was a bargain. I know that black and white isn’t particularly festive looking but I think that it looks sophisticated and pretty anyhow. With the plain, matte, black paper I have tied bows of red and white twisted cord that I think adds a nice Christmas-y feel to the gifts. If anything, I pretty sure it’ll go down quite well with James. 


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