Since moving out into my own home, Christmas has become a bit of a whirlwind. Growing up, my family and I had the same Christmas traditions every year and when I met James he became a part of that. However, now we have our own place, things have been a little different over the past few years which I find sad in the sense that I am growing up but it’s also exciting that we are able to make and create our own traditions. 

Last year we decided to spend Christmas at our home just me, James and Nelson. This year however we are having a bit more of a social Christmas that has been planned in a way that we are able to see everyone, yet not feel rushed about and all over the place. 

On Christmas Eve we are going around to my grandma’s house in the afternoon and then we’re picking up James’ mum and bring her back to ours for tea. It had become a bit of a tradition in my family that we would get a Chinese takeaway for tea on Christmas Eve and this is something I have taken with me in my own home so James, his mum and I are having that on Saturday.

We are staying at our house on Christmas Eve, after taking James’ mum home, and I will most probably have a bath with a few festive Lush products that I have purchased on the build up to the big day. Another tradition that I have taken with me into my new home with James is to wake up Christmas morning and open our stocking’s in bed. We then tumble down stairs and open all of the lovely presents that have been left (sneaked in the middle of the night) under the Christmas tree in the living room. Once all of our presents are open we have a breakfast of pain au chocolates and bucks fizz. I’m not too sure where this morning routine has come from, I think it was just slowly perfected over the years at my parents’ house with my brother. Even though I have now moved out, I can’t imagine spending Christmas morning any other way which unfortunately means for James, he won’t either!

Another tradition that has stuck with me and my family throughout the years is that we always dress up on Christmas day. I have plenty of friends that find this odd as their family tradition is to spend the day in PJs with no makeup on and their hair scragged back. However, I think that it is lovely to put on a nice dress, do my hair and put on some festive make up; have a read of my Festive Makeup Picks blog post. This year I plan on wearing the same dress that I did for my work’s Christmas party; see my Christmas Party OOTN & FOTN blog post, and my over the knee grey boots. 

We will also be seeing my Auntie, Uncle and Cousin during the evening of Christmas Day after we’ve recovered from my mum’s amazing Christmas dinner that we have at around 2pm. After much drinking and game playing we all usually stumble up to bed to have a long night’s sleep knowing that a lazy boxing day will be there to greet us when we wake up. 

I am really excited for Christmas this year as it is the first one that neither me or James will be working in retail and so we have the full three days off together to see family and embrace the Christmas Spirt.


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