One of my favourite presents is books. I love to read and although I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like to sit down and curl up with a new read, it is still one of my favourite things to do. I am currently off work for ten whole days due to the Christmas break which is pure heaven as I have been able to read to my heart’s content, without the guilt that I should be doing something else…

I have read a few books over the past few weeks that I thought I would share in a Recent Reads blog post, but with it being the New Year just around the corner, I thought that I would also create a bit of a bucket list of things I want to read this year. I was given some beautiful books for Christmas last year, and I am ashamed to say that I have barely made a dent in the pile over the course of 2016. One of my main goals for the new year is to read more and to read through my ever growing collection. I especially want to read more Classics and I got a couple last year that I really want to stick my teeth into. 

A Few Recent Reads

This was the most recent book I read as part of the book club that I am a member of. I found it a really interesting and gripping read about a woman in her 80s looking back at her time spent in Scotland and the relationships she formed with a specific family; the Gillespie’s. I really enjoyed the way the book had two parallel stories, one of Harriet’s time in Glasgow in the late 1880s and one of Harriet’s life as an eighty year old woman reflecting and writing her memoirs. The book holds history, crime, deception, thrill and heart breaking warmth and I found it very difficult to put down. 

This was a little lighter and easier to digest that Gillespie and I, and it definitely left me wanting to read the next two books in the series. It begins with Jacob Portman loosing his grandfather and in an attempt to gain some sort of closure, he and his father travel from the states to a rural part of Wales in order to gain some insight into the life of his grandfather’s upbringing. It is a very mythical story, which left me wanting more. The simple, yet gripping storyline was accompanied by brilliant descriptions that easily allowed me to visualise each character and the scenes in which they were placed. For an easy, fantasy read I would really recommend this book to be next on your list. 

I picked up this book a few weeks ago and it was featured in my Book Lovers Gift Guide that was published just before Christmas. I am only part way through as it is one of those books that is easy to pick up and put down whenever you fancy. I have high hopes for this book as I can already feel my outlook on being tidy, and life in general, changing. It is an inspiring read that encourages decluttering, being successful and promotes a brand new outlook on life. I am excited to read it all and begin 2017 with a new outlook on the way I do things. 

Reading Plans For 2017

As I type this my landing and bedroom is scattered with a huge mound of books. James and I have been on a bit of a mission over the last few weeks, and especially during this Christmas break to try and organise, get rid of unwanted stuff and head in the direction of becoming a bit more minimalistic. I always think that this is a good idea at this time of year as you can get rid of old things to replace them with new Christmas presents and start the new year with a clearer frame of mine. 

One of my goals for the New Year is to read a hell of a lot more. I have a huge bookshelf and my aim over the next day or two is to sort through everything on it. I wanted to donate books to charity, give them away to friends or family and create a bookshelf of my favourites and books I plan to read. As I have said, I still have books from last Christmas that I am yet to read and I want to make it my goal to read as much as possible. I was thinking about doing one of the reading challenges that surface around this time of year, but I decided that I don’t want to make it a chore. I want to read because I enjoy reading and I want to read the books that I want to read rather than what is on a list. 

With that being said, I am going to take full advantage of these last few days off work, grab a coffee and curl up with my latest read; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.


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