This year, much like many others I am sure, I have set myself a few health and fitness goals that I would like to achieve over the next twelve months. I have been a member of the gym for quite a while now but I am starting to make it a part of my regular routine. As with most aspects of my life, I can often make excuses for a shopping trip and I have been picking up a few new bits over the last few weeks to aid me and my relationship with the gym.

In this blog post I have picked out a few key gym items that are definitely on my wish list. There are a few, top of the range items included in this post and although they may be on my wish, I am not necessarily at the point in which I am willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money on gym wear. However, it is a bit of inspiration and there are plenty of alternatives and dupes available online and at discount stores. 

Gym Clothes Wish List

1. Sweaty Betty | Zero Gravity Run Leggings - I am a huge fan of the Sweaty Betty leggings and would love a pair of my own. I wasn’t overly convinced when patterned workout leggings hit the high street, however I really like this night sky/galaxy effect. They can be super expensive however, with these ones setting you back £90 a pair which for a novice gym goer such as myself, I can’t really justify the price tag. 

2. Cottonridge | Petworth Zip Hoodie - I actually have one of these hoodies and they are actually a really good gym companion. I like to get dressed and ready for the gym before leaving the house and I find that this hoodie is so easy to throw over any gym outfit. It has a lovely soft lining and is a really nice fit that keeps me warm on my journeys to and from the gym.

3. LuLuLemon | Fast As Light Muscle Tank - I saw this Tank top on The Anna Edit and I just fell in love. I think that it is a really flattering shape. I love the colour as well, why do they try to make all ladies gym gear bright neon pink?! Again, this is a little out of my price range but what’s a wish list without a few luxury items…

Gym Accessories Wish List 

4. Bounce Ball | Chocolate Orange - I have only tried these Bounce Balls recently after years of reading a lot of hype about them. As I have upped my gym routine and increased the amount of times that I go, I have discovered the true benefits of a protein snack. I really like to have one of these on an afternoon or as a pre-gym snack to give me an extra boost whilst doing my workout. 

5. Cute Nutrition | Strawberry Protein Shake - As well as protein snacks, I also want to start to take protein shakes after I have finished my workout. I have been reading a lot about the benefits of a post-workout protein shake and how it can help to recover muscles and replenish your body. I was always worried that protein shakes were for people wanting to bulk up but the more I read the more I have grown to realise that it is a healthy step to take. 

6. Nike | Air Zoom Spam Running Trainers - I have just treated myself to a brand new pair of trainers. Although I would have loved these ones from Nike, I again couldn’t justify the price tag as a current, novice, gym goer. I would love to get some of these in the future as I think that it is really important to look after your feet whilst running as it can affect your whole body and the way you work out.


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