I have been on a bit of a mission of late to create the home that I want to have by embracing the idea of minimalism, the act of being tidy and doing DIY. I have been slowly working my way through each room to de-clutter, minimalise, condense and decorate. In doing this, I have had a bit of a shopping spree to buy a few bits and bobs, mainly cushions and candles, to add some home comforts to our slowly evolving minimalistic home. 


I am a huge lover of candles and I think that they are a great homeware piece that can be as cheap or as luxurious as you like, to add a bit of comfort and provide that very ‘Hygge’ feeling. I wanted some candles for our living room, which has a grey and white colour scheme. I picked up two pillar candles from Primark for just £1.50 each, one in grey and one in white. These look really cute on our mantelpiece and just make the living room lovely and cosy on an evening.

For Christmas I was given the gorgeous Four Seasons candle set from The White Company. Read my What I Got For Christmas & Boxing Day Sales Picks post to find out what else I was lucky enough to get. This was such a lovely present, as it will last all year long. I am a huge lover of The White Company candles; they last forever and have such a strong scent. After having these candles lit for just twenty minuets, the room is filled with the beautiful scents. I also love the simplicity of the candles in pure The White Company style with the soft gold writing and crisp white candles which really add to the theme of the living room. 


I think that cushions are a really great way to add a ‘pop’ of colour to any room. This is what I love about our home, as we decorate each room with a very neutral white and soft grey colour scheme, it means that we can swap and change the accessories as and when we like. 

For the living room I picked up two cushions that both have a core, dark blue colour with yellow and green trees and leaves. These were only four or five pounds each, which is crazy when you not only get the cushion cover, but also the cushion itself. I also picked up two fluffy grey cushions for the bed in the bedroom, which again add to the grey and white theme, adding a little extra comfort and personality into our minimalist inspired home.

Another comfort for the bedroom is some amazing brushed cotton bedding that we got for Christmas from James’ mum. These are beautiful and so cosy and soft – the struggle to get out of bed on a morning is real! They are a blue and red tartan that fits as a statement piece in our very tranquil white and grey bedroom. 

Other Bits

A few other things to throw into the homeware mix are some slippers and a diary. I have had these lovely soft slippers from Primark in the past, but mine were getting a little worse for wear so I treated myself to a new pair ready for the new year. These are just £4 but they have a memory foam bottom that is really comfortable and they are extremely fluffy and keep my feet toasty and warm. 

I also picked up this beautiful lifestyle diary just before Christmas from Dear Diary. This is a great little diary that I feel has improved my outlook on the year ahead, making goals seem achievable and I feel a lot more focused for 2017. Be sure to read My Aims & Goals for 2017 blog post to read about it more in depth


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