Every so often I have a huge clear out or my wardrobe, cupboards and shelves in an attempt to clear clutter and be a little more organised. A few months down the line I feel as though I am in the exact same situation and have somehow acquired loads of crap and I have no idea where it has come from.

A few months ago I decided that I wanted to take a much more minimalist approach to life. I don’t want a house full of clutter, I don’t want a wardrobe full of clothes that I don’t wear and I don’t want loads of unnecessary stuff. I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago explaining how I wanted to gain some minimalistic qualities, which was just before I bought the book; The Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. Although I am only a third of the way though, as I am dipping in and out, picking up tips and attempting to apply them as I go along, I have noticed a dramatic difference already.

James and I are both keen to apply this minimalistic approach to our home and we began with our wardrobe. We shared a huge three door wardrobe, a massive four draw chest of draws and also had under the bed storage, all for our clothes! It was too much and we realised that having so much storage just for clothes meant that we hung on to pieces that we didn’t need or wear. 

We made the decision to get rid of the wardrobe and so we emptied all of our clothes on to the bed and took it down. We then emptied our under the bed storage and chest of draws. With all of our clothes in one place we were able to methodically and logically work out what we wanted to keep and wear. As a result, we now have a clothes rail each and two under bed storages boxes for jeans, jumpers and PJs. 

It felt like such a cleansing process and it has really got the ball rolling in terms of minimalizing our home. Not only do we have loads more space in the bedroom, we were able to use the chest of draws to store other things which has cleared more room in the rest of the house. I just feel better having less clutter, and the bedroom feels much more tranquil and relaxing which is perfect for somewhere where you sleep. 

My Tips To Help Minimalize Your Wardrobe 

Get all of your clothes in once place – this allows you to see everything all at once and sort through everything in one go, making smarter choices.

Sort your clothes into categories – this helped a lot when I was deciding what to keep. I split mine into work, home, casual and going out. It meant that I could clearly see what I liked and what I actually wore from each category – do I really need that many pairs of plain black leggings?

Have all of your hangers the same – I think that having all of the hangers the same, makes the area look a lot tidier and neater. We picked up these pretty little gold/copper hangers from Primark for just £3 for 5. 

Organise your clothes whilst you put them away – once I had decided which items of clothing I wanted to keep from each category I hung them up and folded them away, keeping them in each category. That way my clothes are put anyway in an organised system so that I can easily grab what I need. 

Unless you feel comfortable and happy wearing it, get rid – No matter if you have tatty joggers that you wear every day, if you wear them every day and you love them why throw them out? It is much better to get rid of that fancy top that you have worn once and makes you feel self-conscious and doesn’t really fit properly. Think logically but also don’t throw things away because you think you should, throw it away because you don’t wear it and you don’t feel happy wearing it. 


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