I have never really had a strict evening skincare routine, often grabbing whatever makeup remover I could find and slapping on a bit a moisturiser if I was lucky. This past year I have really tried to put more of an effort into cleansing my face on an evening a getting into more of a routine. It has really worked and I have quite a solid routine with a few key products that I love using. 


I have recently started to use a separate eye makeup remover as part of my routine, rather than just using an all in one cleanser all over my face. I tend to wear black mascara and dark eyeliner most days and so I find that using a separate cleanser for the eyes is great because I don’t end up with black makeup smeared all over my face. I love using the Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover as it is a really gentle formula that easily takes off eye makeup, even waterproof and They’re Real, without feeling as though I really have to rub and pull my eyes. 

When it comes to facial cleansers I have two favourites that I pick from depending on circumstance. The one I use on more of a daily basis is the Clarins Gentle Cleanser. This is a lovely cleanser that easily lifts away makeup without feeling as though the cotton pad is dragging on my skin. It has a soft milky consistency that leaves my skin feeling fresh and makeup free. If I am having a pamper or I have the time, I will opt for the Oskia Renascence Cleansing Gel as my cleanser of choice. This is a beautiful cleanser and I have just picked up my second bottle in the Space NK Boxing Day Sales. It is an oil based cleanser that feels like a mini spar treatment as you rub it onto your face, gently lifting away make up. Then I use a muslin cloth and warm water to take away any residue. 

Face Prep

One my face is fully cleansed I then use two more products before being ready and prepped for bed. I always like to use a toner once I have cleansed my face and I find that it makes my skin feel really clean as it lifts any remaining product. I really like the simplicity of the No.7 Protect & Perfect Toner. It smells really fresh and is nice and cooling on the skin, leaving it feeling really clean and polished, prepped and read for moisturiser. 

My evening moisturiser of choice is the Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture. This isn’t exactly designed as an evening moisturiser; it is intended as a day wear product for those that have particularly dry skin. As I have a combination skin type, this would be far too rich for me to apply underneath makeup, but I find that it works wonderfully as a night time moisturiser as it slowly soaks into the skin, and I wake up feel extremely hydrated. Read about some other Benefit skincare picks of mine in my Benefit Skincare Haul video. 


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