As I currently work Monday to Friday None to five, my morning routine pretty much revolves around getting ready for work. On A weekend however, I like to take things a little slower and enjoy waking up with a gentle little routine that eases me into my day. 

Usually I like to wake up and have a quick scroll through social media on my phone, catching up on everyone’s Snapchat and Insta stories. Follow me on Snapchat, madolyn19 and Instagram madolynthinks for funny clips of my cat! Speaking of which, Nelson usually comes to sit on me whilst this is going on to pester me for food and so I usually force myself to get up, throw my dressing gown on and head downstairs. 

Whilst the kettle is boiling to make my morning coffee, I take my daily vitamins from Vitsnap and Seven Seas. I mentioned in my Aims & Goals For 2017 blog post how I wanted to look after my body both inside and out and these vitamins help to keep my insides feeling healthy. Vitsnap is a great company that sends a personalised program of daily vitamins straight to your door. These are then placed into handy little pods to help keep you on track and ensure that you are taking the right amount of vitamins for you. They officially launch on Thursday 12th January but you can get 50% off your first box using the code MADOLYN50. The Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman is another great daily vitamin that is available in most supermarkets and Boots which is perfect for women to take to help the body remain healthy, helping with hair, nails, skin and hormones. 

Once I’ve got my coffee I like to head back upstairs and get back into bed to read my book. I find that taking half an hour or so to enjoy my coffee and get stuck into whichever book I am currently reading helps to wake me up and really sets me up for the day.

If I don’t really have much planned for the day, or at least before lunch, I will get dressed into some comfy clothes that will most likely be my Topshop joggers and a tee-shirt. I love to make my bed on a morning because I feel as though my bedroom looks so much tidier once this has been done. I usually slap on some make up, nothing too crazy, and then will head back downstairs for something to eat. 

If I’m taking my time I will usually have some sort of brunch at the weekends. Something around 10:30am that is more filling than my usual breakfast but not quite a lunch time meal. James made us this lovely breakfast at the weekend with eggs, toast, bacon and asparagus spears! Once this has been eaten, which didn’t take too long, I like to brush my teeth and lately I have been using the Perfect White Gold range by Beverly Hills Formula. Then I’m prepped and ready to continue with my day! 


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