January can be a funny time of year. On the one hand I am really excited about starting a fresh, making plans for the year ahead and feeling like this is the time I get organised and sort stuff out. On the other hand, the weather is crap, the nights are really dark and I find it difficult to motivate myself to do all of the things that I want to. There are a few ways to combat these January blues however, and here are a few things that I would recommend; 

Book A Holiday

Everyone I have spoken to recently has told me that one of their main goals for the year is to explore the world and do some more traveling. We have some truly wondrous places to go and see and explore in this world and I find that planning and looking forward to visiting one of them is a great way to beat the January blues. James bought me flights to Prague for Christmas so I am getting really excited about planning our trip towards the end of March and thinking about accommodation and what we want to do whilst we’re there. I also want to start looking into other trips and organise a couple of holidays.

Read That Book You’ve Been Putting Off

Whether it is a book you got for Christmas or have been meaning to read for ages, just pick it up and start to read it. I get a real escapism through reading and find that no matter what mood I’m in, I can get truly absorbed in a good book and forget about things. I also always feel a sense of achievement once I’ve finished a book even though it isn’t something huge or that you need to leave the house for, it still feels like I’ve ticked something off and got a job done. 

Get Seriously Hygge-y

I have recently had a flick through The Little Book Of Hygge that also featured in my Book Lovers Gift Guide just before Christmas. It is all about working out ways in which you feel Hygge, i.e. what makes you feel warm and joyful and relaxed. It may be baking, it may be sitting in your favourite cafĂ© with a coffee and a good book or it might be driving to a tranquil place to watch the sunset with a lovely flask of hot chocolate. Personally, my ultimate Hygge scenario would most likely involve; getting some blankets, lighting some candles, putting on Harry Potter and finishing off some Christmas chocolate 

Do Some Baking Or Cooking

I am not a major backing fan but sometimes I like to spend some time in the kitchen in a way to beat the January blues. Whether this is by doing some meal prep for lunches for work, trying a new one off recipe, or baking something naughty like these chocolate orange cookies, it is a nice way to take sometime for yourself. 

Burn Some Energy

I have been a member of a gym for a while and have recently upped my workout regime, have a read of My Gym Wear & Accessories Wish List post. I find that January is a time when people want to be healthier after the splurge of Christmas and a way to stay positive and happy this January is to exercise and get moving. This could be by going to the gym, doing some sort of YouTube workout video or just something to burn some energy. It can lift your spirits, make you sleep better and release some endorphins, really beating those January blues. 

Get Outside

James and I are members of the National Trust, which is a charity run organisation to help preserve nature sites and conserve historical places. I find it really therapeutic to make a picnic and have a big walk out in the fresh air to enjoy nature and reflect on things. It is a lovely way for James and I to spend some quality time together as we can talk about all sorts without the distraction of phones, the telly, and general life. 


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