Like most beauty enthusiasts, I love a good Lush product. I think that they always have fantastic products on offer and agree with a lot of what they stand for as a company. All of Lush’s new releases are forever on point and are created with all natural and plant based ingredients, which makes a lot of it vegan friendly. 

I recently when into a Lush store to pick up a few of my beauty staples and left with a few more products, including a couple of new releases. 

Old Favourites

When I took my trip to Lush, I had a few products in mind that I wanted to pick up, one of which was the Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask. I have written about this a number of time here on Madolyn Thinks and you can read a full review of this product here. It is a lovely, exfoliating facemask that I love to use once or twice a week that leaves my skin feeling really soft and fresh. 

Another Lush staple of mine that was on my shopping list is the No Drought Dry Shampoo. Again, you can read a full review of this product here, but I love this dry shampoo, as it is so easy to control when applying to my hair and it is really quick to rub in. As I only wash my hair twice a week, I love to use this product as it provides a fresh, sweet scent to my hair and it is great at mattifying my roots. 

Some New Products To Try 

Whilst I was in Lush I was tempted by lots of new products that they had to offer. One product that I have wanted to try for a while is the Miles of Smiles toothpaste tablets. These look so cool and I can’t wait to try them. The idea is that you take one tablet, chew it and brush your teeth with it. I think that this will be a great product to take away with me whilst I travel and I am really looking forward to giving it a go.  

I also picked up the Scrubee Moisturising Exfoliator Bar. This is made of cocoa butter with strips of ground almond and coconut shell to act as a moisturising, exfoliator bar. This is another product that I thought would be great for travel as it is a two in one product that looks really easy and lovely to use. The Final purchase I made was the Ladybird Bubble Bar. This smells truly amazing and I can’t wait to use this product over the next few weeks to add something a little special to my baths. 

What have you picked up from Lush lately? 
Have you tried any of these Lush products?


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