It seems as though this time of year can really play havoc with my skin. Not only is it exposed to the elements outside, what with constant wind, rain and general greyness, but once inside the central heating in on full whack and it seems as though my skin takes the brunt of it. As a result, my skin can become very dull, dry and prone to breakouts, due to the constant flux in temperature. There are a couple of skincare and makeup products that I like to use when this happens however, that help to transform my dull and tired looking skin. 


I find that using the right sort of skincare can really effective the texture and appearance of my skin. Around this time of year, I feel as though my skin is desperate for any amount of hydration. For this reason, I tend to pick quite nourishing and moisturising, oil based products to transform dull and tired looking skin. 

A favourite of mine is the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I have used this about once or twice a week for the past year as I find that it is really hydrating on the skin. As it is oil based, I don’t want to unbalance the natural oils in my skin by using it too often. However, because of the colder weather I find that I need a little extra moisture and so I have increased my usage to three or four times a week of late. I have also been using the Oskia Renaissance Face Mask which has the same benefits as the cleanser but in mask form. I love to use this about once a week on an evening for a bit more radiance. After which, I love to apply the Three Organics Control Me Facial Oil, which I feel provides instant hydration and I wake up feeling as though my skin is more plump and ultra-soft. 


As well as skincare, there are a few makeup bits and pieces that I find, work really well at transforming dull and tired looking skin to create a dewy and radiant completion. If I want my skin to feel and look particularly dewy, I love to apply the Too Faced Hangover Primer before my base product, as I find that it adds an extra dose of hydration that keeps my makeup in check throughout the day. I find that my face can look quite tired a dull especially under my eyes and I have found that the Clarins Instant Concealer is perfect for hiding dark circles and really brightening up the under eye area. I also find that highlighters are a really great product to use to create a dewy and glowing completion and I really enjoy using the Seventeen Wow Three Way Highlighter. With it being a liquid I find that it takes away the dull and tried appearance of my skin. 


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