Sheffield is a city that is fairly close to my hometown of York, in the north of the UK, yet I have never been to explore the main city before. A few of my friends went to University there and although they said it was worth a visit, I never did. 

My brother has been staying with James and I over the past few days so we thought that we would all hop in the car and take a trip over to Sheffield. As none of us had been before, there wasn’t a great deal of expectation, nor did we have much of a plan. 

We parked up and wondered through the main strip, stopping whenever and wherever we fancied. Although a little windy, we had some glorious sunshine which made exploring a new city very enjoyable. 

Sheffield will be my City Focus for February, the second installment of a new series on Madolyn Thinks so I won’t go into too much detail about the city just now. Be sure to have a read of January’s City Focus, which was Leeds City Centre.

If you want to see what we got up to, there is a new Vlog live on my channel, which you can watch down below. 


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