I love going to visit London. I think that it is such a beautiful city filled with amazing history, architecture and culture, and I feel blown away every time I go down to visit. 

This past weekend I took a two-day trip down to the capital with James and my brother. The main purpose for the trip was because I had been invited to attend the #BlogConLDN blogging event, hosted by the lovely, Scarlett. So I decided to extend the trip by staying over on the Saturday night and invited the two boys along with me. 

We got the early morning train to Kings Cross on Saturday and made our way over to central London, stopping at Pret for a quick bite to eat before heading off in our separate ways. I headed over to the Queen Elizabeth II building near Westminster and spent the next four hours speaking to various brands, networking and listening in on some amazing talks. Be sure to have a read of Sunday’s post to find out more about what I got up to whilst I was at the event. 

Once the event was over, I met the boys in Leister Square which is one of my favourite places to visit in London. We had originally decided to see a West End production whilst we were down there but everything was very pricey so we decided to give it a miss. It was a shame because I love going to watch a show when I’m visiting the capital, but we drowned our sorrows by eating an amazing dinner at Garfuncle’s, which served the most amazing salmon pasta dish.

We stayed in a Travelodge in Hackney, so after we were sufficiently stuffed, we got the train there to dump our bags and freshen up a little. Beauty and the Beast was being shown in 3D at the Hackney Picturehouse so we wondered over there for our Saturday night entertainment. I was a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast growing up and found the live action version of the film such a joy to watch. 

We enjoyed a nice lazy morning, following our long and busy Saturday. I woke up early and had a coffee in bed whilst looking through pictures from the previous day’s blogging event. We checked out and wondered down the road to Weatherspoon’s for a cheap and cheerful breakfast. 

We decided to head over to Camden Market in the afternoon and had a lovely walk around exploring everything it had to offer including some amazing, melt in your mouth, chocolate brownies. I have given up chocolate and sweeties for lent, but had allowed myself to have this weekend, and my time in Prague next week, off.

After exploring what felt like 1000s of different stalls, booths and shops, the boys were a little peckish so we stopped at Bird for a light snack. We then walked off the brownie and chips with a brisk scroll down by the cannel all the way to Kings Cross station. Just because we hadn’t eaten enough food, before getting on the train we ordered tea from Honest Burger. I had the house salad with my red leicester cheese burger with red onion relish – it was absolute perfection.

It was a lovely couple of days spent exploring the capital and just walking around a different city.

Have you ever been to London? 
What do you like to do when you visit the capital?


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