I am a huge lover of all things beauty and as much as I like to try new products and explore different brands, there are a few brands that I constantly come back too. There are a few key beauty brands, ranging from make up to body care that I love and can heavily depend upon to provide me with great, high quality products that I will use again and again and again. 

Make up 

I love to switch up my makeup products and try lots of different things, but I do have a few staple brands that I know I can always turn to when I’m looking for everyday makeup pieces. Benefit Cosmetics will always hold a place in my heart as they were one of the first beauty brands that I worked for, and it was through my enjoyment of working for them that helped inspire me to start a blog. I love their quirky taglines, fun and girly packaging, and their products are always on point. They are a premium beauty brand so their prices sit quite comfortably at the higher end of the scale, but I feel they are worth the price as their makeup is of such high quality and their products last a lifetime. 

Another two makeup brands that are a complete go-to for me are Nars and Mac. Personally, I love the base products from both of these brands. Some of my base staples are the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and Instant Creamy Concealer, as well as Mac’s Mineralize Skinfinish Powder. I find that these brands offer great base products both for my skin tone and my complexion as there have a huge range of shades and makeup that is suited to different skin types. I am also a huge fan of lipsticks by Mac and I love that I can rely on finish, durability, shade and texture when it comes to purchasing one. 

No 7 by Boots is another go-to brand of mine as I find that they are a little lower on the price scale, yet still offer fantastic products that feel and look expensive and high quality. I am a huge fan of their singular eyeshadows and would really recommend giving their skincare a go as they have a huge range for lots of different skin types. Another makeup brand favourite is Real Techniques which provide the most amazing makeup brushes. Not only are these brushes extremely affordable, they have an extensive collection to choose from. I got a lovely set of their brushes for Christmas which added to my ever growing collection and they are the only brush brand I use to apply my makeup.  


I am a little more focused when it comes to skincare and find that when I like a product I tend to stick with it. I have been a huge lover of Soap & Glory for a long, long time and love their huge range of body products. I haven’t really used any of their facial skincare but in terms of their body care, I think that they are right on point. I think that their Body Butter was one of the first products that I tried of theirs and I was instantly hooked on that iconic and signature scent of theirs. It is soft, fruity and girly and I think that it is a beautiful brand that have brilliant packaging, are well priced and I can consistently depend on the quality of their products. 

When it comes to my facial skincare I tend to buy items that I know work well with my skin and that I like. So although I have a lot of facial skincare, I only have two stand out brands that I come back to time and time again. I am a huge lover of Lush products. I recently wrote a Lush Haul blog post, and I do buy a lot of my staples from them, which aren’t just skincare. However, when it comes to Lush skincare I know that they will not disappoint. I’m not sure if it is because their products are filled with natural ingredients, but they seem to work so well with my skin type. I love their face masks and moisturisers and they are very well priced but feel like luxury products. 

Another skincare brand that I love is Clarins. Again, their products are all plant based and very natural, which again, may be a reason why I feel like they work really well with my skin type. I love to use their cleansing products, and the majority of my evening skincare routine products are by Clarins. I am a very big fan of their Eye Makeup Remover which has been a staple of mine for a long time. 

What are your go to beauty brands?


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