Today I am traveling to the city of Prague. I am so so excited to be heading to this beautiful city, and whilst I was packing my suitcase and deciding what to take, it got me thinking about some of the key items that I always pack when I go on a city break.

Tour Guide Book – This is ideal if you are going somewhere you haven’t been before. I bought the Berlitz one for Prague, pretty much as soon as I found out that we were going. This are lovely little pocket books that are great as they include maps, a history of the destination and recommendations ranging from museums to bars and restaurants. 

A Suitable Bag – For my last few city breaks I have taken my trusty New Look backpack as a handbag. I think this is perfect as it allows me to fit everything I need inside, such as my purse, phone, camera and guidebook. Yet it allows me to keep my hands free to take photos and drink takeaway coffee. 

A Scarf – Whenever I travel, I always ensure that I pack some sort of scarf with me. They have multiple uses such as; a blanket for the plane, a shawl for a warm evening when you might not need a coat, or rolled up to use as a pillow.

Camera – Most phones have great cameras now but I will be taking my trusty Olympus Pen for photographs. I also plan to vlog part of the trip so this is a great all in one that is light and compact.

Document Wallet – This is an absolute must for me as I love to be organised when I travel. These wallets are perfect to keep money, tickets, confirmation documents, boarding cards etc safe and in one place. 

What are your City Break travel essentials?


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