As I mentioned in my February Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites post, I have been putting some time aside for myself to enjoy one of my favourite activities; reading. This month I have read a couple of different books and I wanted to share what I have been enjoying over the past few weeks. 

The Landscape Of Love, Sally Beauman 

This month’s Book Club novel was The Landscape Of Love. I hadn’t heard of this book before I was handed a copy so I had very few expectations of what to expect. It was a very romantic yet tragic novel that revolved around three sisters and the people they interacted with during one particular and dramatic summer. It was ‘romantic-heavy’ drama that isn’t exactly my cup of tea. There was a lot of twists, turns and mystery throughout the book yet the content was a little dry and I felt as though I couldn’t quite connect with the characters or care enough about who was sleeping with who. 

The Investigation, Peter Weiss

I am a huge lover of history and one of my favourite eras is World War Two. My friend lent me this screen play written by Peter Weiss which is a dramatic reconstruction of the Frankfurt War Crimes Trials. These were trails that were aimed to hold those accountable for the events carried out during the Holocaust. It is all based on true events and conversations that Weiss witnessed himself. The play is made up of the Judge, Counsel for the prosecution, Counsel for the defence, eighteen Defendants representing the actual people and nine Witnesses that represent a large group of people.

This is a very graphic read and a little disturbing at times as it addresses real accounts of the horrors that these people were subject too. It was an interesting way of reading about factual events and although it wasn’t a light-hearted Sunday afternoon read, it was very informative and educational. 

Girl On A Train, Paula Hawkins 

I have been putting off reading this novel as there was so much hype about it when it was first published. I was put off further when the film was released, as I tend to stray away from things that I am constantly told that I should read/watch. I know this may sound a little odd, but it puts me off when every man and his dog raves about something, I often wonder if it is the case of the Emperor’s New Clothes…. 

Anyway, I have bitten the bullet and have begun to read this ‘must read’ novel. I have to say, I am not swept away by the storyline so far, I find it easy to put down and I’m not as gripped as I was repeatedly told I would be. I am hoping that it picks up a little as I want to get it read and watch the film, but so far I am not as impressed as I thought that I would be… I will be sure to provide an update in my March Recent Reads post at the end of the month.

What have been your recent reads?
Have you read any of the books I have mentioned? 


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