I’m quite enjoying writing a monthly Recent Reads post as it gives me a chance to think about the last few books that I’ve read and reflect on my thoughts and feelings about each of them. 

The Girl On The Train | Paula Hawkins

I finished The Girl On The Train, which I am afraid to say, was not my most favourite book that I have ever read. I am quite a big fan of thrillers and murder mystery books and I just felt like this novel wasn’t quite up to scratch. 

The story followed three different women over the period of ten months or so, whose lives were more interlinked then they had first realised. There were only a handful of characters in the story and despite the fact that I struggled to keep picking it up, it was a very quick and easy read. 

I found the storyline a little weak and very predictable and I had guessed the ending about two thirds of the way through. Again, I’m not sure if it is just that I have read a lot of books of this genre that made it feel so predictable and so, for me at least, it didn’t quite hit the spot. 

Miss Chopsticks | Xinran

Miss Chopsticks was March’s pick for the Book Club that I attend. It was a very interesting read as it was set in China in the 1990s, with the intention of highlighting the differences between the lives of those that grew up in the countryside, compared to those that lived in the cities. 

It was a novel based on true events, about three young sisters that decided to move to the city and make a life for themselves. They wanted to prove to their parents that they were more that just ‘Chopsticks’, a term used in the countryside to describe girls, as they were seen as weak and replaceable. 

It was an eye-opening book, as I hadn’t quite realised the social gap that they had in China, and not even that long ago. It was easy to read and fairly short, despite the fact that some of the information was hard to digest and it explored some pretty heavy social themes. 

A Twisted Tale A Whole New World | Liz Braswell             

I got this book for my birthday in September, and I can’t believe that I am only just getting around to reading it. This was a first in a series of books that are a twisted version of some of the original Disney stories. 

A Whole New World depicts a different take on the Disney story of Aladdin, the twist being, what if Aladdin ha never found the lamp? I am a huge lover of Disney and so these books really appeal to me as an adult, as it is a slightly darker and distorted version of the stories I know so well. 

 Prague Pocket Guide | Berlitz

I have been carrying this little book around with me over the past few weeks diving in every so often. I am currently in Prague and when I travel somewhere new, I love to pick up a little travel guide to get more of an overview of where it is that I am going. 

I appreciate that there is a lot of information available online, there is just something about a little guide book though that makes me really excited about going away. I love to read them on the plane and have them in my bag to quickly refer to. 

The Million Dollar Blog | Natasha Courtney-Smith

I was given this book by my Dad just a couple of weeks ago. He was listening to an interview of Natasha on the radio and thought that it would be an interesting read for me, how sweet! I am yet to delve into it’s pages but it is next on my reading list for April and I can’t wait to get stuck it. 

The Million Dollar Blog is a bit of a guide to help make your blog successful both in content and in terms of monetising your blog. It also includes interviews and advice from people such as Lilly Pebbles, who I have been following for years, and I can’t wait to spend some time reading this book. 

What have you been reading lately?


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