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A couple of Saturday’s ago I had a bit of a clear out of my beauty and makeup stash. I like to have a bit of a tidy and a clear out every so often, rotating my collection as well as getting rid of anything that I no longer use or like anymore. Whilst I was having a sort through, I stumbled upon a few makeup products that I have had in my collection for a while that I had forgotten about.

Base Products 

I rediscovered the NYX Liquid Foundation that I bought quite a while ago now, when I did a little NYX haul. I was yet to try any of their products and so I picked up a few different ones, including this Matte Not Flat foundation. I was yet to try it properly, and after finding it again the other week, I decided to give it a proper go. I have really enjoyed using it at as full coverage product and I feel like it blends really well onto a moisturised base. I have been wearing it for work over the past two weeks and have loved the results. 

Another base product that I have rediscovered is the Maybelline Under Eye Concealer. At the beginning of the year I bought the Clarins Instant Radiance Concealer which I have used consistently over the last few months. However, whilst I was having a clear out, I rekindled my love for this amazing concealer by Maybelline which I have now been using over the past few weeks, again as an everyday work option. 

As well as using the NYX foundation and the Maybelline concealer, I have also been using another drug-store base product, the Seventeen Miracle Matte Loose Powder. I have enjoyed exploring more of my drug-store collection of make up to wear on a day to day basis whilst I’m at work, so that I can save my more premium makeup products for weekends, day trips and night’s out. This powder offers a matte finish that helps to hold my makeup in place all day, which is great as I don’t have to top up my makeup whilst I’m in the office. 

Finishing Touches 

As well as base products, I also rediscovered a few other makeup bits and bobs, including this lovely Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette by Laminau. I felt like I wanted a new neutrals palette and I had my eye on one of the new Zoeva ones, but I am glad I held off buying one as this feels like a great dupe. All of the shades are matte and very warm and natural which is exactly what I was wanting. 

I love using blusher as I think it provides a really nice warmth to the face, especially during the cooler months when I tend to be much paler. I often just grab either my Nars Orgasm blush or my Benefit Hervana Blush by default, which is bad because I have quite a collection of blushers that I hardly use. After my clear out, I rediscovered my Tarte Blusher that I picked up in New York when I had a bit of a Sephora Haul. It is so pretty and I have been making more of a conscious effort to wear it more. 

I have been loving my Essie Cocktail Bling nail varnish over the last few months, so much so it was featured in my February Favourites. However, I had a bit of a sort through my stash and rediscovered my Made In Red polish by Accessorize which I have completely fallen back in love with. It is the perfect red that looks really classic and I love having it on my nails on the build up to spring. 

What’s in your makeup stash that you forgot that you love?


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