I am so excited to be writing this blog post, all about unboxing my hometown, The City of York. I love living in this beautiful and historic City located in the heart of the north of England with its periodic buildings and picturesque views. 

I am in love with this city and feel so lucky to live here. There is so much on offer whether you enjoy history, shopping, eating out or having beautiful walks in glorious grounds; there really is something for everyone. 

As part of the Unboxing project with Watchshop, I was asked to pick out three main attractions or places that I love in the heart of the city. I have picked a mixture of cultural activities and historical places, which I feel, clearly represents and capitulates what this wonderful city has to offer. 

One of York’s most famous eateries is Betty’s Tea Rooms. Betty’s originated in Harrogate, a town close to York, alongside Tailors of Harrogate, a world famous tea company. The tearooms pride themselves on maintaining a traditional tea room experience from the food and drink to the wonderful service and shop. I wanted to share this iconic company as I feel that it truly grasps the nature and the feel of York with its historical background and traditional feel. I enjoyed a beautiful breakfast of avocado on toast with poached eggs and what felt like a bottomless tea pot of traditional Betty’s blend loose tea. 

Another main attraction, which is a must see in York City Centre, is York Minster. This cathedral is truly amazing. Its vast presence in the City creates a central hub for locals and tourists alike. It really is a beautiful building and is one of the largest cathedrals in Northern Europe reaching 61meter in height. It was built in 637AD and although it has had many renovations and repairs over the years, it maintains its beautiful and historic presence within the City.  

 The last place that I wanted to feature for this Unboxing My City project is the traditional shopping streets of York. There is Stonegate that is built upon the Roman walkway to York Minster, which later played host as the main shopping street in York in the Eighteen and early Nineteenth Century. This is still an amazing shopping street in York, swapping printers, goldsmiths and corset sellers for the likes of Jo Malone, Whistles and Jigsaw. 

There is also The Shambles, which has been named one of the best-preserved medieval streets in the world. This is another very central and important shopping street in York’s history as it was where the butchers were located, ready with a constant supply of fresh meat. I love this street as it feels as though you are transported through time to another world with its traditional feel and old style shop fronts. Although they are now filled with little cafes and gift shops rather than pork chops… 

I loved being a tourist in my own city and I would really recommend that you try it too. It is so easy to take for granted everything we have right on our doorstep and it was so nice to have an excuse to explore York. Be sure to have a watch of my unboxing York video to get more of a feel of what I got up to. 

Have you ever visited York? 
What are the top places to visit in your hometown?


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