I have never really been that much of a blazer lover.  I have always really enjoyed the way they look on other people, but thought that it was just one of those fashion pieces that I was never really going to pull off.

However, since the New Year, I had wanted some sort of jacket that I could go out in, without having to lug around my huge winter coat… I wanted something that I could wear with jeans that made them a little more sophisticated… I wanted something that I could wear with a dress that would make it a little more casual… and so, I was on the hunt for the perfect blazer. 

I always think that I have a bit of an odd body type, and so when it comes to buying garments, I often find that I need to try on 1834673 different variations of the same sort of clothing to find the one that suits me. To paint you a picture, I am fairly short, curvy with large lady lumps and a substantial behind. As I’m sure you can imagine, finding something that fits in all the right places can be a little difficult…

In the end, I opted for this over-sized, boyfriend-fit, black, lined blazer from Zara.  I managed to pick this particular one up in the sale for just £19.99; however, New Look and H&M offer similar styles for around the same price. 

I fell in love with this piece as soon as I tried it on. I feel like it has the right amount of sophistication yet can be styled fairly casually depending how you wear it. It is a long fit which is nice as it finishes just past my bum, and it is tailored in a way that suggests your shape but isn’t so restricting that you feel as though every lump and bump is on show. It has quite wide lapels and a slight hint of shoulder pads, which adds structure but doesn’t feel un-feminine.

I love the way this blazer looks both dressed up and dressed down. I wore it for a girly night out the other week with a floral skater style dress and knee high boots, yet whilst we were walking around London last week, all of which you can read about here, I teamed it with culottes, a thin woollen jumper and my vans. It really seems to be the perfect go-between piece that I can style with the majority of my wardrobe. 

These photographs were taken after the #BlogConLDn event hosted by Scarlett London Events, and I wanted an outfit that was dressy and sophisticated but day time appropriate. I think that the blazer and the low heels offer a certain amount of class, whilst the culottes and crop top, which shows a sneak peek of my mid-drift, keeps it casual day-wear.

What's your current wardrobe staple?


Photos by Heather

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