I love to travel, and even though I get really excited and enjoy exploring new places, I can get quite nervous when I’m in a new place or visiting somewhere that I have never been to before. As a way to calm by nerves and make me feel a little more relaxed, is important for me to get organised before I go away and make sure that I am fully prepared in advance. 

James and I are going to Prague for an extra-long weekend at the end of the month, which was my Christmas present from him. We are also heading to London next weekend and I am traveling down to London the weekend after with a friend and so I seem to have a lot of traveling on the cards over the next few weeks. Even though I only have one flight booked, weekends away can sometimes require just as much planning and preparation as you still need to be organised and prepare what to pack, where you’re going and what you’re going to do when you get there. 

As I’ve said, I much prefer to get organised and prepare myself before doing any sort of traveling. It gives me some much needed peace of mind and allows me to enjoy myself a lot more, knowing that I am fully prepped and ready to go, in advance. Here are a few of my key tips to prepare and be organised when traveling:

Print off all Paperwork & Tickets In Advance

It seems that most booking confirmations, tickets and travel documents are sent electronically via email nowadays. However, I always like to print off any paperwork which has confirmation numbers, addresses and important information on as it makes me feel more at ease. I hate the thought of needing a specific number or piece of information and you can’t get the email or website to load on your phone. I would just always rather have a paper copy that is quick and easy to refer to as and when I need to. 

Have A Document Holder/Wallet To Hand

As I like to print off documents and keep them organised, I like to keep them all in one place so that I know where they are and they are easy to get to. I love this one from Emma Bridgewater that my Mum bought for me before I went to University. I keep everything in it such as tickets, maps, my passport and hotel conformations. 

Buy A Travel Guide Book

So this only really comes in handy if you are travelling somewhere that you have never been before. I have bought myself a little travel guide for our trip to Prague at the end of the month. I love these Berlitz ones as they have a pocket guide range that is so cute, compact and easy to pack. I also love that there are lots of maps inside and they are jam packed with information as well as a brief history of the place. I love reading travel guides as it gets me really excited about the trip and helps me to organise what to do whilst I’m there. 

Research The Area Before You Go

This tip goes hand in hand with the travel guide one. I love to research anywhere before I travel there to really put my mind at ease. I like to get a feel of the place before I arrive and get a bit of a picture in my head before hand. Things can change throughout the year and so some things may be closed in spring that are open in summer or unavailable until the start of winter for example. I just like to get a head start on planning my trip so that I’m not disappointed when I arrive. 

Get Money Changed In Advance

Again, this is a tip that is trip specific, but there is nothing worse than arriving somewhere and getting a poor exchange rate or charged by your bank for withdrawing money. I always like to take cash when I travel as it helps me to budget my trip better and I feel more organised knowing that it is one less thing to worry about. 

Keep An Eye On The Weather Forecast 

I think that this is a really important thing to do before doing any traveling. I always like to keep an eye on what the weather is doing when I know that I am going to be traveling somewhere. It helps me to prepare both mentally and physically. If somewhere that you are traveling too has had really bad weather on the build up to your trip then it allows you to organise your luggage accordingly so that you don’t get caught out and have to buy loads when you arrive. 

What are your top tips to prepare and be organised when traveling?
Are you as much of a planner as me?! 


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