Continuing with my twelve cities in twelve months challenge that I have set myself, April’s focus is the beautiful and historic city of Prague…

James and I travelled to Eastern Europe late last year and spent a long weekend in Bratislava. The architecture, food and scenery was stunning and we were both itching to explore more of that side of Europe. For Christmas this year, James surprised me with flights to Prague with two of our best friends and so, towards the end of March we packed our bags to spend five lovely nights in the city of Prague. 

Things To See & Do

Before we went my only impression of Prague was that it was a very popular stag party destination, so I bought myself a Berlitz travel guide book and became very excited to see and explore this city. It is truly filled with so much history, which is practically oozing out on to the streets through its amazing buildings, beautiful backdrop and lovely culture. 

We were so lucky with the weather whilst we were there as the weekend we spent in Prague was filled with glorious sunshine. We struggled a little with the clothes we had as we were expecting a similar climate to the UK. Due to the stunning weather we ended up spending the majority of our time outside, exploring the city. It felt like there was so much to see, as there were impressive and beautiful buildings around every corner. We spent a lot of the time just soaking in the atmosphere, walking where we liked and stopping occasionally for a drink or something to eat. 

It was a lovely time of year to visit the city as tourist season hadn’t yet peeked and the springtime flowers were all bursting into bloom. I couldn’t resist taking tones of flower pictures as each of the shop fronts and cafes were decorated so beautifully with fresh flowers. 

Food & Drink

Prague is pretty well known for its beer, which is very popular and very cheap. I wouldn’t class myself as a ‘beer drinker’ but even I was getting into it whilst I was there. I think that for the cheaper, more local varieties, the alcohol content was lower which is probably why I was able to drink it without wincing! On our last night we went to a Beer Spa, which was a really fun way to spend an evening with friends. It was a hot-tub style treatment with the main ingredient being beer. There were taps on the side so whilst your body was soaking in the yeasty goodness, you could also drink as much beer as you liked. It was a novelty and I would definitely recommend it!

The food in Prague was particularly good. They are huge lovers of sausages so we consumed a fair amount of hotdogs whilst we were there! As it was the build up to Easter, Prague had filled its streets with a sort of festival, which gave off a very warm and welcoming vibe. There were stalls throughout the streets decorated in brightly coloured ribbon selling everything from crafts to amazing hot food. I could not resist these amazing sweet treats, which tasted very similar to a hot doughnut but in a tube form, which were then lined with Nutella – it was pretty incredible as I am sure you can tell by my face. 

We had such a lovely time in Prague and I can’t believe how long ago it seems now. Be sure to have a read of my 24 Hours In Prague post which is a bit more of an in depth review of one of our days spent exploring the city. Keep your eyes peeled for a Top Things To See & Do In Prague post, which is coming soon!

Have you ever been to Prague?
What city breaks would you recommend?


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