Last week James and I flew out to Prague, ready to spend five days relaxing and enjoying the beautiful city. We had an amazing time and it was so nice to have a long weekend with great food, fantastic sights and unbelievably great weather. 

You may already know if you read my What I Got For Christmas blog post, but James surprised me with a holiday to Prague with two of our really good friends. It was such a lovely gift and it was so nice to have something booked and to look forward too after the comedown of Christmas. James planned it so that we had a day and a half to ourselves before our friends arrived, so I decided to take the camera along with me and document our first twenty-four hours in Prague.

When we woke up on the Thursday morning the weather completely caught us off guard. We knew it was slightly warmer then here in the UK but we were not expecting the glorious sunshine and intense heat. After a coffee on our little balcony we decided to spend the day mooching around the city center to get our bearings and grasp an overall impression of the city.  

Before flying out to Prague I had found a Walking Tour Of Prague written by the lovely World Of Wanderlust. She has put together a little tour of the city that takes you through the main highlights and the best places to visit. We used this as a rough guide to take us around the city, stopping off when we fancied and veering off if something caught our eye. 

Neither of us had been to Prague before but there was something so lovely about soaking up the city without the pressure of a checklist. We headed down towards the river walking past some truly amazing buildings. The architecture is so beautiful in Prague, the attention to detail is incredible and I was honestly blown away. Even the doorways to the buildings were beautifully decorated and I just could not stop taking pictures. 

We were so lucky with the weather and so we decided to stay outside and soak up the sun for the majority of the day, which of course meant that there were plenty of photo opportunities. 

In the late afternoon after walking for what seemed like forever we decided to stop off in a really cute little pub and enjoy a beer or two. Now I am not usually a beer drinker, in fact I actively avoid drinking it, but when in Prague…! Plus, it turns out I actually kinda sorta like it now… who knew! 

We took a gentle stroll back across the St Charles Bridge just as the sun was setting which was truly beautiful. Once we had made our way back to the Air B&B Apartment we had a quick freshen up and went back out to a local bar for a glass or two of vino. 

I also filmed our first 24 Hours In Prague in a vlog-style format so be sure to have a watch to see more of what we got up too. I have a few more posts planned about my time Prague including a 12 Cities In 12 Months and Top Things To See & Do In Prague, so be sure to pop back to read those!  

Have you ever been to Prague?


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