I have recently been away in Prague for an extended weekend break, read my 24 Hours In Prague post for a taster of what I got up too. As we were traveling for just six days we only needed hand luggage, however that meant that we were only able to take a limited amount of liquid based products away with us…

For those that are unclear, if you take hand luggage only on a flight, you are limited to a small plastic bag that you may fill with liquid, gel and cream based products as long as they are in containers of 100ml or less. I decided to be fully prepared for this and so I routed through my beauty stash before going away and pulled out any alternatives that I could take away with me that wouldn’t eat into my liquid allowance. 

I picked out a mixture of makeup and body care products that are specific liquid alternatives. These will hopefully provide some inspiration or introduce you to new products that help out the next time you travel with hand luggage and are tight for space in your liquid allowance bag. 

Body Care

When it comes to body care on holiday I like to really reduce my products and take the absolute bare minimum, but there are a few key products that are an absolute must, one being; dry shampoo. For the last year or so I have been using Lush’s No Drought dry shampoo which is a powder formula allowing you to apply the product as specifically as you like. I love this product and it is great for travel as it really freshens up your hair, reducing the amount of times you need to wash it making it a great liquid alternative. 

Another must have that takes up precious liquid allowance is toothpaste. Normally I opt for a travel sized one to save room but I ended up buying the Lush Minty Fresh solid toothpaste tablets just before we went away to Prague. You can read more about them in my latest Lush Haul blog post but they are super handy and clean my teeth like a dream, even if it does take a little of getting used to…

Some other body must-haves that always take up room are moisturisers and exfoliators. Especially when the weather is warmer, it is important to keep your skin hydrated and well exfoliated. So when I saw that Lush had not only released a two in one exfoliator and moisturiser, but that it was also a bar, I knew I had to buy it. Scrubee is also featured in my Latest Lush Haul post but it is a perfect little bee that you use in the shower and it exfoliates with the grounds of coconut shells, whist moisturising with the coconut butter – perfection. 


When it comes to having a limited amount of liquid products to take away with you on holiday, you need to make every makeup product count. I’ve picked out three really easy, non-liquid alternatives that fit into my holiday makeup routine. 

I am in love with the 3 Ways Wow Highlighter by Seventeen at the minute, which you will know if you read about my March Monthly Favourites. However, I have found that the No7 Highlighter Stick, or any type of stick highlighter for that matter, is a great liquid alternative. It was perfect to blend into my foundation and to apply onto my temples and cheekbones making it a great product to take away.

I also have a lot of love for the Maybelline Under Eye Concealer and the Nars Instant Radiance Concealer, both of which are liquid based. A great alternative is Benefit’s Boi-ing Concealer. Due to its solid texture this didn’t even count a cream, as the product only blends once it has been warmed by your fingertips during application. 

I am a huge lover of Brow-Zings by Benefit and use this product every day regardless. However, I am aware that a lot of people love to use gels and creams to keep their brows on fleek and so I would really recommend some sort of powder product, even if it is just for when you travel, so that you can save space for other liquid products. 

What are your beauty travel essentials?
How do you pack your beauty hand luggage products?


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