Happy Friday! 

I’m kicking off the weekend with my fourth Bloggers Spotlight, which is an interview with the lovely Sabreena, writer of the blog, The Girl In The City. I first met Sabreena in the December before last at the Soeurs De Luxe #Bloggersxmas Event and we have met up at a number of different blogging events since. It is so nice to meet like-minded people who have as much of a passion for something that you enjoy and it makes the whole process a lot more fun! 

Sabreena has a beautiful blog which is filled with some amazing fashion content, keep reading to find out more…

1. Introduce us to The Girl In The City, where did the name come from, what can we expect to find there?

The Girl In The City is a little fashion & lifestyle blog. You can expect to find outfit posts and motivation posts because we all need a sprinkle of motivation now and then. As well as travel posts and a roundup of amazing brands I find at events I attend. The Girl In The City’s aim is to inspire readers, keep them motivated, take fashion risks, have fun and to be confident no matter what. Growing up I was always worried about what people would say about how I look or what I'm wearing but now I'm happy to say I'm more confident and urge others to also be & to have fun! 

2. How would you describe your personal style, where do you get your inspiration?

I don’t necessarily follow every trend, but generally my day-to-day personal style is quite business-like. I’ve always loved the city work vibe, so I try to merge the smart/casual look in my day-to-day style. I guess you could say my aim is to look classy even while relaxing. It’s all about a good mix of high and low items but I tend to splurge more on bags and shoes.

3. What is your favourite thing to blog about?

I like to blog about a little bit of everything. Mainly, its fashion and lifestyle but I'm hoping to take more trips this year and start vlogging. At the moment my favourite things to blog about is fashion and motivation because I like spreading the positivity as well as following your own trends to your hearts content. 

4. When you're not blogging, what do you like to do in your spare time?

With a full time job in the City and a blog of my own, I feel like I don’t have a lot of free time. But when I do have free time I spend it by catching up with friends, catching up with movies/dramas, doing DIY and believe it or not I enjoy cleaning.. I find it mildly therapeutic! (surely I can’t be the only one)

5. What are your favourite, must have, beauty items?

Carmex lip balm!! Does that count as a beauty item? The weather is so temperamental in the UK, so my lips always need to stay moisturised, so I never leave home without my little carmex pot. With working full time and trying to catch up with everything in the evening, I don’t find myself getting a lot of sleep. So my Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer, in the shade ‘nude’ is my day to day saviour to help cover up the puffy eye bags. And lastly, my benefit mascara, because they make my eyes pop, even though some say my eyes are big enough I just love how it completes my look. 

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