Skincare can sometimes a bit of a mind field. There are so many brands, so many products and so many skincare issues; it can get a little confusing when deciding what to use and what would suit individual needs. I have tried lots of different products and have found that my skin is at my best when I have a simple skincare routine with a minimal amount of products. 

My skin-type is a bit of a combination. I tend to get a fairly oily T-Zone, with de-hydrated cheeks yet I am quite prone to break outs depending on the time of the month. For this reason, I can find it quite difficult to stick to a skin routine in which each product satisfies each skincare need. 

I have recently been introduced to Exuviance, which is a dermatologist-developed skincare range whose aim to correct the visible signs of aging whilst providing a salon style experience at home. This company pride themselves on the fact that they have a huge range of products, which are each designed to aid in many difference skincare concerns. 

Daily Exuviance Products 

I have been using the Age Reverse Day Repair SPF 30, which is designed to firm the skin and target uneven pigment. It has an SPF of 30 and contains vitamins A and E, ingredients that reduce the effects of environmental damage, enabling the natural skin cycle to begin. It doesn’t at all feel oily on the skin and it contains a plumping agent, which decreases the appearance of fine lines. I have loved applying this on a morning before my make up as it soaks in really quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or dehydrated. 

Another Exuviance product that I have been using on a daily basis is their Gentle Cleansing Crème. This is a lovely cleanser that is soap-free and gently dissolves makeup and impurities. It contains antiaging ingredients as well as skin conditioners which lightly moisturises the skin and improves tone and texture. Due to its simplicity, it is suitable for all skin types and so it hydrates my dry patches without aggravating my oily T-Zone. 

Weekly Exuviance Products 

I have been using the Exuviance Skin Rise Bionic Tonic bi-weekly as a gentle exfoliator for my skin. These green tea and cucumber infused pads are designed to re-awaken the skin by encouraging new skin cells to the surface. Once my skin is cleansed on an evening, I have been using one of these bionic tonic pads a couple of times a week to act as a liquid exfoliator. It is much more gentle on the skin than using a harsh scrub, as it exfoliates the dead skin cells without decreasing any natural oils.

The final Exuviance skincare product that I have been using lately is their Purifying Clay Masque. This is a detoxifying masque that I have been using once a week to deeply cleanse my pores. It contains pro-Vitamins A, C and E, which aid in protecting and conditioning the skin. I find that my face feels so clean yet soft and firm after I have used this product and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Have you tried any of the Exuviance range?
What are your current skincare Favourites?


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