My recent trip to Prague was so much fun and I would really recommend a visit to this beautiful and historic city. I only spent a few days exploring but due to the amazing weather we had whilst we were there, we were able to walk around continuously and packed in a lot, in just a short space of time.  

Below is a list of the top things that I would recommend to see and do whilst in Prague:

1. Have a Beer In The Old Town – Prague is probably most well know for it’s beer and so we were sure to take the time to relax and enjoy a few. There are some lovely bars in the Old Town and it was so nice to soak in the city, whilst enjoying the sun and sipping on a pint or two.

2. Prague Castle – The castle is situated on the left side of the river in the center of the Old Town, looking down on the city of Prague. It is certainly worth a visit but I found that views of the castle itself were more impressive.

3. Walk Around The Streets – As I said, we were fortunate to have some brilliant weather whilst we were in Prague and so we were able to explore the streets and really soak in the atmosphere. Walking around allowed us to appreciate everything Prague had to offer and we really got a feel of the city.

4. Sit & Enjoy The Sun Sets – When the sun sets in Prague it does so over the Charles Bridge and it seems to illuminate Prague with a gorgeous orange light that is so pretty to experience. On our first day, we sat in some gardens and just watched the sun slowly fall, looking across the bridge over towards Prague Castle.

5. Try The Local Food – this is a bit of a must in any new place that I visit, however, Prague has some particularly good food on offer. One of the highlights for me were these amazing chocolate sweet treats that tasted like warm doughnuts, They were a hollow cone that was rolled in sugar and lined with Nutella, which tasted pretty incredible – although not the healthiest of snacks!

6. The Astronomical Clock – I was really looking forward to seeing this famous clock chime on the hour and watch it’s display. It wasn’t the most incredible thing that I have ever seen, but considering it was built in 1400s, it became easy to appreciate the technology involved.

7. St Nicholas’ Church – this was a must see, purely based on the skill and detail of the decoration inside. It was a truly beautiful church filled with amazing artwork, stain glass windows and the most impressive chandelier. The original organ was also still there, which was once played by Mozart himself. 

8. The John Lennon Wall – This wall of art is tucked away from the main streets of the Old Town, but it is worth a visit if you have time. It is covered from top to bottom of many years worth of graffiti, which is really bright and colourful.

9. Prague Tower – I seem to have gotten into a bit of a habit of going up a tall tower in every city that I visit. Although we took the stairs, that seemed to go on forever, it was worth it for the panoramic view of Prague. I find it so breathtaking, looking down on a city from above and feel like it’s a great way to get an impression of the place. 

10. Beer Spa – I touched on this briefly in my 12 Cities In 12 Months post about Prague, but it was a seriously fun way to spend an evening. It is exactly what it says on the bottle, you sit in a spa-like tub which is filled with the ingredients used to make beer, and enjoy a refreshing glass or two whilst you’re there. It was so much fun and a definite must-do when visiting. 

Have you ever been to Prague?
What things do you love to do when you visit a city?


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